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About promoting Zhongshan city can exhibit the opinion that industry grows
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The opinion that about promoting Zhongshan city to be able to be exhibited industry grows

In 2007 〕 of government office 〔 146

Torch area is in charge of appoint meeting, each press down agency of government, division, city belongs to each unit:

To accelerate construction economy strong city, expand service line of business energetically, foster new economic point of growth, form new development dominant position, according to our city “ 915 ” develop a program, exhibit estate development to offer the following opinion with respect to stimulative meeting now:

One, improve knowledge, accelerate an our city to be able to postpone estate development

Can be being exhibited basically is to point to conference of large home, international and exhibition. The exhibition includes exposition, exhibition, Fair, commerce to negotiate the meeting. Other if meeting, large part celebrates activity of sports athletics games, culture activity of activity, folk-custom amorous feelings does not include the article range.

Can exhibiting property is to carry on one, 2 industries, stimulative tertiary industy develops, the form of important economy employment that contemporary service line of business develops form a complete set, it is urban economy roll booster. Through can exhibiting an activity, can drive huge matter to flow, stream of people, capital shedding, iformation flow and culture flow, promotion city grade and famous degree, promote economy and social development then. The our city has solid industrial base and good area requirement, held “ successfully to enrol business classics trade to negotiate report of meeting ” , “ extends gain of lamp of meeting ” , “ meeting ” , “ takes gain meeting ” , “ feeds be in harmony the brand such as meeting ” is exhibited meeting, especially city reads extensively central plan and construction, it is an our city to be able to exhibit implementation of course of study to crossed the development that jump type to create good condition. But, the urban photograph that exhibits economy to develop with domestic and international meeting is compared, at present the our city can exhibit course of study to still be in start level, integral development level is not high, in whole policy of program, development, organization management, international cooperates and can exhibit dimensions and brand to be able to exhibit the respect such as the amount to still have bigger difference. For this, should be established in the round and implement scientific progress concept, catch what can exhibit property very much to make overall plans, make in time breed, the relevant policy measure that stimulative meeting exhibits course of study to develop, accelerate an our city to be able to postpone estate development.

2, manage clear thinking, clear meeting exhibits course of study to develop way

Should hold to “ government to drive, policy is aided move, the basic principle that social linkage, market runs ” , drive whole town to be able to exhibit course of study to develop energetically, strive 2011, the our city can exhibit course of study to be in specialization, commercialize, internationalization, brand is changed on have relatively substantially rise, realize “ 6 about-face of a batch of ” and 4 “ ” target: The large conference that transform and builds a batch of modernization exhibits place and facilities of service of form a complete set, breed and build a batch of force strong, beautiful praise degree tall can exhibit a brand internationally, breed and introduce a batch of actual strength the exhibition company with abundant, strong competition ability, the meeting that brings up a batch of high quality exhibits professional. Progressively implementation does from support government exhibit do to guild and enterprise exhibit change, from omnibus exhibit meeting to professional exhibit meeting change, from regional exhibit meeting to exhibit meeting change internationally, do from bull exhibit do to combination exhibit change, from pay attention to exhibit conference measure to pay attention to exhibit meeting quality change, from pay attention to commercial interest to pay attention to society, economic benefits to pay equal attention to change.
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