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Bureau of business affairs of city of the North sea about applying for the 103rd
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The company of imports and exports that concerns each:
December 2008 Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise (the following abbreviation the 103rd wide hand in meeting) will on April 15, 2008 - spreading flower show house 30 days (old house) and Pa continent exhibits a house (new house) cent period is held at the same time, continue to execute “ to save city to form a delegation, solidarity of house of group of chamber of commerce, house closes, the group that industry cloth exhibits ” extends pattern. Pa continent new house 2 period exhibit a house from current step aside only then investment is used, the part exhibits an area to will be adjusted somewhat (each commodity and after the classification that exhibit an area is adjusted, inform separately again) . Had done the 103rd to shift to an earlier date wide hand in can exhibit an application and cent allotment of labour to make, exhibit concerned application an item to inform as follows now:  
One, application condition:
(one) obtain legal person business license lawfully (inside period of efficacy) , achieve right of administration of imports and exports lawfully or put on record through foreign trade operator register.
(2) have an application ginseng to exhibit the harmonious management chamber of commerce that exhibits an area or qualification of foreign capital academician. The harmonious management business that postpones an area each (assist) meeting detailed sees " wide hand in can exhibit shop merchandise and watch of the classification that exhibit an area " (accessory 1, the commodity of this accessory reachs the classification that exhibit an area to offer reference only, if have,adjust inform separately again) .
(3) 2007 year are average commerce, enter makings improvement trade below, need is in wide hand in can see appearance clinch a deal the amount of custom statistic exit of commodity must be achieved wide the ginseng that makes meeting provision exhibits enterprise lowest to export amount standard (accessory 2) .
(4) the commodity that application ginseng exhibits is accorded with wide the requirement that meets limits of the can relevant item on display that exhibit an area.
(5) without disobey badly wide make the conduct that meets each administer a regulation, include: Without encroach intellectual property badly, without involve intellectual property dispute or commerce contract issue for many times, without violate compasses make over or relet (sell) exhibit wait for behavior.
(6) record without what break the law.
2, application means:
(one) the application on the net: To continue to advance informatization construction, improve work efficiency, rise further exhibit a diaphaneity that declares open, just, fairness, every needs to apply for to attend the 103rd wide hand in the enterprise of the meeting to log onto Http://www.gxjyt.gov.cn (Guangxi to trade please the group is exhibited the meeting is online declare an operating system) exhibit related application.
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