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Exhibit meeting what law of intellectual property protection carries out is tire
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In recent years, china can exhibit economy development is rapid, intellectual property protects the main task that makes this one field. Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, strengthening the intellectual property that can exhibit an industry to protect is to make sure China can extend a trade the inevitable alternative that rapid health develops.

Should rise on March 1, 2006, department of Commerce, country is industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau, national copyright bureau, national intellectual property is discussed after passing " exhibit meeting intellectual property protects way " since carrying out, tort case still common occurance.

If want to ask China and western state especially what is main trade controversial issue of the United States, the affirmation in that answer is little not ” of “ intellectual property. In those days two female strong people that women does not let beard and eyebrows are in Wu Yi and Baershefusiji the to taking a table classic tale on conference table has joined WTO5 as China nowadays now anniversary fades gradually. Problem of ” of “ intellectual property remains China the bank that does not circle together in classics trade association external.

Can exhibit course of study to regard Chinese economy as the forward position window that communicates external, also lay naturally on the where the wind and the waves are highest of issue of intellectual property protection. When Department of Commerce Shang Ming of law department director is the 99th wide hand in can write civil point out, in recent years, our country can exhibit property development is rapid, but exhibit the intellectual property protection on the meeting to still be put in 4 big questions, dispute of tort of the intellectual property on exhibition happens from time to tome.

In March 2006, department of Commerce presents as leading role 4 ministries and commissions were promulgated jointly " exhibit meeting intellectual property protects a law " , to in an attempt to undertakes standard and guidance to can exhibiting the intellectual property of the industry to protect. Be apart from method become effective near two years now, in this paragraph of time " exhibit meeting does intellectual property protect a law " is those who carry out successful? We can from which derive what experience? These will be the issues that we want to pay close attention to.

Executive predicament: “ law ” does not have “ law ”

Should be asked about " exhibit meeting intellectual property protects a law " when what problem is encountered in carrying out, beijing international can exhibit Liu Hongwei of economic institute director to say frankly above all: The question with this current the biggest proposed law is ” of “ v/arc a person's status, inside the legal frame of our country and judiciary, it is to the protection of intellectual property the most high-energy the problem that rises to criminal law level. At present 4 ministries and commissions come on stage " exhibit meeting intellectual property protects a law " although have “ law ” , do not have “ law ” however, promulgating an orgnaization because of his is not countrywide National People's Congress and standing committee of National People's Congress, can count only so the administrative regulations of administrative director branch, in effectiveness low a level.
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