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Beijing is exhibited meeting intellectual property protects way " will apply on
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" method " requirement, hold time to be in 3 days above, and be government and government sector are sponsorred, exhibit an area above of 20 thousand square metre, in international or home has major effect one of 3 kinds of case exhibit meeting, department of intellectual property administration ought to be garrisoned, sponsor just ought to garrison for department of intellectual property administration exhibit can begin the job to offer essential convenience condition.
" method " return a regulation, intellectual property obligee or interests person thinks to join those who exhibit a project to encroach its intellectual property, can according to concerned compasses is directional sponsor perhaps just sponsor what just establish to complain an orgnaization. Sponsor perhaps just complain an orgnaization to receive after complaining ought to seasonable assign staff member undertakes investigating handling.
This " method " it is to strengthen exhibit meeting intellectual property protection, safeguard extend meeting order, stimulative meeting exhibits industry health to develop, the basis concerns law, code, combine this city actual condition makes. Apply to this city the fair that holds inside canton region, reveal the meeting, exposition, Fair, protection that the intellectual property such as patent, trade mark right, copyright concerns in showing the activity such as the meeting. This " method " will apply at rising on March 1, 2008.

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