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" Beijing is exhibited meeting intellectual property protects way " announce
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The country tells a network comprehensive information recently, " Beijing is exhibited meeting intellectual property protects way " (abbreviation " method " ) announce. " method " requirement, city intellectual property bureau is in charge of this city exhibiting can coordinate what intellectual property protection works as a whole. The department of intellectual property administration such as intellectual property, industrial and commercial administration, copyright (department of administration of intellectual property of the following a general designation) ought to respective duty has done according to to be met to exhibiting the guidance that intellectual property protection works and supervise, the help is sponsorred just build exhibit soundly meeting intellectual property protection.

" method " regulation, sponsor just ought to have done lawfully exhibit meeting intellectual property protects the job, build before be being exhibited soundly, examine ginseng exhibit a project (include item on display, exhibit board, exhibit stage and data of relevant conduct propaganda to wait) the system of intellectual property state, supervise and urge ginseng exhibit the ginseng that just causes intellectual property dispute to the likelihood to exhibit a project to undertake retrieval. Ginseng exhibit just ought to join legally exhibit, cooperate to sponsor what just exhibit state of project intellectual property to undertake to joining before exhibit to investigate the work, do not get the intellectual property that encroachs other. Join those who exhibit a project to ought to have relevant right to prove lawfully, ginseng exhibit just ought to carry relevant right proof ginseng to exhibit; To joining those who exhibit a project to tag intellectual property mark, label, ought to tag according to concerned regulation.

Sponsor square with ginseng exhibit just ought to be in the right that joins intellectual property of both sides of the agreement in extending a contract to protect, obligation and relevant content. The content that intellectual property protects ought to include: Ginseng extend the commitment that just extends a project not to encroach other intellectual property to joining; Program of intellectual property complaint handling and settle way; Join those who exhibit a project to be suspected of tort, ought to take cover, remove exhibit wait for processing measure.

Sponsor just be in exhibit 5 obligation ought to be fulfilled during can be being held, accept intellectual property tort to complain, harmonious settle tort dispute; The conduct propaganda that offers intellectual property to protect law and respect of relevant and professional technology seeks advice from a service; In prominent place fair those who notify department of intellectual property administration get case limits and connection way, announce sponsor the service that perhaps just complains an orgnaization item, complain place and connection means; Should intellectual property obligee or the reasonable requirement of interests person, issue relevant fact to prove; Sponsor the other obligation that just ought to fulfil.
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