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Beijing bureau director emphasizes strengthening exhibit meeting intellectual pr
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Beijing child station dispatch a few days ago, on the high-end seminar that in the 18th China International fair of fishing things trade holds, liu Zhengang of director of bureau of Beijing intellectual property did “ to strengthen exhibit meeting intellectual property protection, stimulative capital can exhibit industry health to develop the theme of ” to make a speech, the effective protection that emphasizes intellectual property is the important safeguard that can exhibit industry health to develop.

Liu Zhen Gang was reported on the meeting the 76th times standing conference passed government office of Beijing person civil administration on November 19, 2007 " Beijing extends meeting intellectual property protection method " (the following abbreviation " extend meeting way " ) , he explained mainly " extend meeting way " the main content that makes setting and its compasses make, can exhibit property to Beijing the development that protection works did intellectual property to look into.

Liu Zhengang expresses, current meeting exhibits an activity to had made important economic activity way gradually, become a kind of when promote economic development main force, and the effective protection of intellectual property is the important safeguard that can exhibit industry health to develop. As the rapid development that can postpone line of business, in exhibit the intellectual property issue that our country company involves in the meeting domestic and internationally to happen from time to tome, had caused international to be able to exhibit the high attention of course of study. Beijing serves as China develop area and developing international city, protection is exhibited meeting the immanent need that Beijing of intellectual property since admits, also be the external demand that blends in economy. Good behavior way comes from good at fine culture to guide with reasonable, rigorous standard, and the social practice of certain amount is the foundation that compose Construction Bank is standard and behavior means. Be based on afore-mentioned understanding, beijing is made surely definitely " extend meeting way " . Give priority to in order to prevent clearly, join smoothly in order to handle way to transfer, make in order to foster what good deed mode is stay " extend meeting way " train of thought. Revise via relapsing, argumentation was formed present " extend meeting way " .

Liu Zhengang goes out in speech middle finger, " extend meeting way " building to be exhibited goodly again meeting mode of intellectual property behavior, hunting is perforative at whole exhibit the intellectual property of the meeting to protect liability system, seek the way that legal problem is able to settle with legal means, pursuit protection obligee is due the right and safeguard social community reasonable the value end that use. " extend meeting way " in all 26, main content includes: The precautionary measures before exhibiting; Program of dispute complaint handling and settle way; The government reachs his of relevant section exhibit meeting intellectual property protects duty. " extend meeting way " will carry out at rising on March 1, 2008.
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