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The country extends gain of bureau careful world the 7th mix 12 " special regula
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France local time on Feburary 26, international exhibition bureau (BIE) regular committee meeting is held in Paris. Zhou Hanmin of meeting deputy director general leads Shanghai world gain delegacy attends the meeting.

Meeting of this regular committee is chaired by chairman of Vice-chairman BIE, regular committee Mr Puluosidakefu, the conference discussed Shanghai world rich to be able to be referred the 7th mix 12 " special regulations " . Before this, two regulations already sent all 140 members countries by BIE consult opinion, shared country of 10 many members to offer opinion of nearly 50 comments or proposal to text, involve taxation derate, custom to superintend, all sorts of problems such as exchange control.

Zhou Hanmin met an organizer to make admitting to be passed on really mixing explain to all comment opinion one by one on behalf of Shanghai world rich. On the meeting, come from Russia, Japan, Cuba, El Salvador, Mongolia, Wu Ci the delegate of the country of regular committee member such as Biekesitan, Philippine, Tanzania, France, Canada, Italy and Nigeria chases a chapter to two regulations one by one, be opposite, of the content to two regulations and organizer pass on an opinion to state height is admiring. The conference approved Shanghai world rich to meet the 7th mix the 12nd " special regulations " , the decision mixes the 7th the 12nd " special regulations " refer respectively bottom and the BIE general assembly that hold at the beginning of December will be passed this year in March.

After discussing an end, zhou Hanmin goes out in speech middle finger, since Shanghai world rich can apply a success, the organizer advances the system construction that Shanghai world rich meets actively from beginning to end, abide by strictly " international exhibition convention " with BIE each regulations system, be in China strictly work managing gain is pushed below the frame of active law laws and regulations, learn seriously and draw lessons from what hope world rich is met already adequately to make preparations experience, value all sorts of opinions of country of BIE all member and proposal highly from beginning to end. Revising perfect the 7th mix the 12nd " special regulations " while, conference organizer will advance Shanghai world gain with all one's strength the 13rd, 14 mix 15 " special regulations " the work out works, it is all attending hard the country that Shanghai world rich meets and the ginseng that international organizes are exhibited provide sufficient system safeguard and behavior standard.