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Went out 2007 exhibit Dalian enterprise assembly to hand in the forehead to rest
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Window of people net Dalian on Feburary 29 report () of Wang Jinhai, Zhang Shian: From what hold yesterday Dalian went abroad 2008 the exhibition understands on working conference, to the option that international exhibition plays to become many Dalian city industries to develop an international market outside the condition, also from this savor many “ benefit ” . Last year, dalian city annual goes out extend scope relatively on year increased 20% , amount to 11 thousand square metre, occupy northeast area first place, rank in countrywide city the 10th. What be worth to be carried more is, dalian city joins the company of exhibition going abroad, every are exhibited clinch a deal on average the forehead is as high as 350 thousand dollar, in home the be among the best of candidates in each city.

Many 300 delegate attended enterprise of 180 imports and exports of Dalian city the conference yesterday. The conference discloses, last year, dalian city attends abroad exhibit project gross to amount to 70 or so, the country does not have 20 many, professional commerce is exhibited occupy 97% . Piece exhibit main concentration and other places of Europe, United States, Japan, Korea. Middle east, hamster, Russia, India, Africa, medium of South America exhibit meeting Dalian city to also the enterprise is involved. Last year, dalian city industry goes exhibit assembly to hand in the forehead to restrain 420 million dollar.

According to statistic, dalian city went out last year in exhibiting, mechanical report subclass is occupied whole piece extend scope proportional 34% , light industrial craft furniture kind for 26% , food oily aquatic product feeds category for 15% , spin dress is 9% , building materials is 7.5% , other kind exhibit aggregate occupy about 11.5% . And civilian battalion and 3 endowment the enterprise is Dalian city gives the main force that exhibit, its go out exhibit total dimensions to occupy Dalian city to go out 73% what extend total scope.

Li Bo of chairman of Dalian international chamber of commerce continent divulge, dalian international chamber of commerce was installed in all 2007 piece exhibit a project 120, priority discipline 60. Among them Electromechanical, equipment, light industrial, craft, food, building materials, spin, dress extends a trade to basically go out, the bag outside enrolling business and software still exhibits a key to develop a field to go out. Piece exhibit dimensions to predict to grow 20% , achieve 1500 international standard to exhibit.

Dalian goes out exhibit good development the look of things, also make international, home large exhibit an enterprise to pay close attention to Dalian market more. On the meeting, encourage of enterprise of the biggest exhibition exhibits the world the famous exhibition enterprise such as alliance of exhibition of group and group of Chinese exhibition center, middle east also sends delegate specially to come Dalian ginseng is met, the international that recommends each to do independently to Dalian city industry is exhibited meeting.
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