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Material of the 8th stone exhibits dollar of autograph sheet close billion to ta
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The exhibition of material of stone of international of Xiamen of the 8th China with unprecedented scale falls yesterday next heavy curtain, the reporter learns from the organizing committee, current stone material is exhibited not only before dimensions jumps house world 3 armour, its are actual butt joint effect also unprecedented, condition inside and outside exhibited business, travelling merchant to reach the intent contract of order of 980 million dollar in all, exceed imports and exports of lumber of stone of Xiamen port annual 1/3 frontal.

According to statistic, xiamen stone material of 4 days extends last a period of time obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial: The travelling merchant outside attracting churchyard in all 69 thousand person-time, among them, come from the whole world travelling merchant of the major outside the condition of 115 countries and area 11782, the number exceeds 10 thousand people first. Photograph comparing is gone to, current exhibit of the meeting reveal item on display to begin to tend new-style ” of ” of “ high end and “ : Floor tile of on 1000 yuan of stone of chromatic joining together; The wall adornment of mosaic canvas effect draws stone of of all kinds; All sorts of carved stone sculpture of lifelike, wonderful artical excelling nature; electronic product clever the “ grave garden that blends in craft of traditional stone material is phonographic ” ; And world each district uses design, cut, burnish technically the machinist of product of material of of all kinds stone is provided and the product of new and high technology such as special software is in stone material in succession exhibit the “ on the meeting to contend for surprise a bottle of colourful ” .

It is reported, issue a Xiamen stone material to exhibit will enable formally can exhibit a center to build 2 period exhibit a house, exhibition area also can increase appropriately, with will alleviate material of stone of Xiamen of nearly a few “ exhibits ” to exhibit a tight situation that demand exceeds supply.