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Sales promotion becomes household to exhibit a theme 4 days to sell not under 50
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On March 9, adornment of building of the 6th environmental protection of the fair of household of the 9th beautification of “2008 Beijing that last a period of time sponsors 4 days by association of Beijing building adornment and Beijing decorates material exhibition ” to fall in Beijing exhibition next heavy curtain. Look according to sponsorring the data that just provides, 4 days shared 55 thousand person-time to visit an exhibition, exhibit those who although have 4000 square metre only,meet, but join sale of the spot that postpone business not under 500 million yuan.

The reporter is in exhibit meeting site to see, whole exhibit meeting atmosphere enthusiastic, drive before decorating busy season to begin to seek advice, the person that the autograph makes an appointment with in an endless stream. Although the beginning of the year just was experienced,rise in price upsurge, but exhibit this meeting most of the mainstream remain dozen lose sales promotion, the administration fee that with respect to in successive years Chu Gang begins to close also becomes the subject of sales promotion. The reporter is in east Yi Richeng exhibits a stage dark when visitting, some stylist expresses to the reporter, if be in,exhibit the autograph is made an appointment with during the meeting, administration fee will be avoided completely, still can attend design cost to hit fold, send tripartite inspect manage activity. Yuan continent, the discount that hair of the peak of course of study, dragon also has different rate and activity of ” of “ give sb a present. One comes on a special trip advisory consumer week lady expresses to the reporter, “ the sales promotion strength of each company is very great, and be in the comparison of the spot, oneself also chose satisfactory company. ”