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High-quality goods furniture of 4 days extends by a definite date clinch a deal
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Dispatch of net of Chinese peaceful wave (bud of king of Chai Shan of reporter Wu Junqi's reporter) by a definite date 2008 China of 4 days (Ning Bo) exhibition of high-quality goods furniture is in yesterday Ning Bo international exhibition center concludes, exhibit meeting implementation to clinch a deal, intent clinchs a deal amount to 480 million yuan, before attracting 146 thousand person-time, go to look around, course of study of its technical secondary school purchases business to exceed 8000 much person-time.

Exhibit on the meeting, furniture of entrance, annatto was become the biggest win the home. The environmental protection material that imports furniture changes a design with human nature character, suffer the “ favour ” of people greatly. Be located in advocate 4 days of exhibition period realize shop of furniture of entrance of the Italy that exhibits a house, Spain former outfit to hand in namely, intent clinchs a deal amount to 35 million yuan. And annatto furniture is more with ” of full-bodied “ China wind, attracted broad the person that look around. According to statistic, annatto furniture shop is in exhibit the spot in the meeting to clinch a deal broke through 45 million yuan, hot prices lets join exhibit a businessman to breathe out greatly accident.