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Exhibition of industry of machinery of the 9th international clinchs a deal amou
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Exhibition of industry of machinery of the 9th China International was in a few days ago peaceful wave international exhibition center concludes, exhibit can recieve domestic and international professional audience in all 39 thousand person-time, among them abroad audience is occupied 4.6% , the spot clinchs a deal amount to 270 million yuan.

Current exhibit can taste municipal government of head office of head office, Chinese machine tool, Ning Bo to sponsor by pass in and out of Chinese mechanical equipment, company of exhibition of peaceful wave elegant eminent is carried out undertake. Exhibit can share the ginseng of many 750 enterprise that comes from 10 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and area to exhibit, exhibit an area 32 thousand square metre. Showpiece equipment appears piece to high-grade, integrated, large the tide that turns directional development, the technology that attracted a batch of world shedding shows its newest product before equipment company.