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Hua Dong (Suzhou) international machine tool and mould technology equipment are
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2008Suzhou exhibits even department industry - Hua Dong (Suzhou) international machine tool and mould technology equipment are exhibited

Time: September 2008 3-6 day

Place: Suzhou international reads extensively center

About Suzhou

Suzhou is famous city of Chinese history culture and important scenery travel city, it is one of central cities with main delta of the Yangtse River. Also be economy development is the rapiddest, have one of cities of competition ability most. Suzhou introduced foreign capital to reside the whole nation first half of the year 2005 the first, register foreign capital 72.21 billion yuan, exceed far 2 Shanghai (55.61 billion yuan of) . GDP gross grows 18% , it is a Zhen of exceeding operational depth more (1, 51.9 billion yuan of) , amount is amounted to 1, sixty-three billion and thirty-six million yuan, jump house whole nation the 4th, and follow closely Beijing (1, 91.03 billion yuan) , Guangzhou (1, eighty-six billion five hundred and fifty-four million yuan) after the oversize city on these two traditional senses. To having the city of level of a ground of 5.83 million population only character, suzhou economy is a miracle.
Suzhou is thrown as a result of nearly two years of on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan productivity, these capital will be in in the near future number of translate into GDP, the impetus that grows because of high speed of this Suzhou GDP still will last, beijing, Guangzhou is surmounted possibly before 2008, become the economic “ that is next to Shanghai gigantic without bully ” city. Current, already had 90 extraction group city of lysol of 500 strong transnational corporation invests, suzhou has become base of property of China's important production, research and development.

Connect about dispatch

Hong Kong dispatch connects a group to held water 1985, for one-stop professional exhibition makes preparations business. Will hold fair of major of 20 many international every year. All previous classics 20 years cultivated, made “ message connects ” brand, it is the celebrity of course of study of exhibition of big China area. On November 2, 2001, dispatch is connected accuse a limited company to hand in place to appear on the market in Hong Kong couplet. Holds exhibition, be exhibited business to reach the person that look around because of its sufficient advertisement conduct propaganda, giant professional audience, excellent service reputably.
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