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Exhibition of fabrics of Italian Milan international / INTERTEX MILANO
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Exhibition of fabrics of Italian Milan international/ INTERTEX MILANO

Nod showpiece: Italian Milan SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ exhibits a center

Showpiece time: 2008On September 17—19 day (autumn, the 16th)

Exhibition general situation:

Exhibition of fabrics of Italian Milan international (INTERTEX MILANO) is by Italian T.D.F. S.r.l. Exhibit the fair of professional spin fabrics that the company sponsors. Should exhibit run year every year two, the spring that ran 2006 exhibits have on the meeting come from respectively: The ginseng of more than 200 enterprise of 69 countries such as Italy, France, Greek, Spain, polish, United States, Canada, China, India, Japan, Turkey is exhibited. Among them, national ginseng exhibited business to achieve beyond Italy 30% , have 5, more than 000 major that comes from the whole world purchases business to show up look around purchase. Current, should exhibit can open to professional trader only, main audience comes from kimono of the jobber at fabrics textile, importer, agent to install manufacturer to wait.

Of Milanese international fashionable dress unique position brought up the high-end character with this unique exhibition, plus sponsor the organization with elaborate unit, make a promotion of consequence year after year of an exhibition, appeared to extend a state that demand exceeds supply even.

Limits of item on display: All sorts of clothing fabrics reach complementary makings

Assist in all a grand occasion, hold with the corresponding periodMilano UnicaExhibitionEach other is benefit

With exhibition of fabrics of international of current Italy Milan (the Milano Unica that INTERTEX MILANO) the corresponding period holds together is Italy and even Europe one of the most important, professional fabrics exhibition that have force most, had had 25 years of histories up to now. This exhibition is held every year twice, all ginseng exhibit business to be confined to the fabrics that comes from Italian mainland or Europe to produce a business, by 5 professional exhibition is combined and become, include:
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