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Exposition of international of close Er of Eads of the 77th 2008 Turkey
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77International of close Er of Turkey Yi at presentExposition

One, postpone meeting introduction:

The city is chosen to existing after close Er of Turkey Yi at present serves as what rich met the world to compete with Italian Milan 2015 tremendous business chance. Yicimier regards Turkey area as the 2nd big haven and middle east country having many commerce contact, radiate of its economy influence is worn the Balkan peninsula, Caucasian peninsula, middle east and North Africa area, do Iraq to rebuild for us, the commerce of the country such as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Algerian chose to be done very well exhibit the position. This international exposition sees the exhibition that can be the first UFI of Turkey place that be brought into, hold every year regularly, it is Turkey place and radiation area dimensions the biggest, affect one of the widest exhibition. Should exhibit but as wide as Chinese “ hand in meeting ” place to rival, according to showing the information that authorities statistic releases this exposition exhibited 2007 the area is80 thousand square metre, have come from 59 many countries many 1091 ginseng that postpone business is exhibited; 46 countries make an appointment with 40 thousand person-time purchase the professional personage such as business, agency, jobber to attend a meeting negotiate commerce; Visiting number amounts to 1.4 million person. Attracting large quantities of home every year to produce enterprise and ginseng of foreign trade company to exhibit.

3, limits of item on display:

Go up period: Car, autocycle, steam rub agricultural and machine of fittings, project, mechanical, tractor, diesel engine, agricultural machine tool of product of telecommunication of tool of the machinery of car, food, commissariat treatment machinery, machine that note model, hardware, electron and fittings, housing materials, industry.

Below period: Things of bathroom of; of household articles for use, kitchenware, mensal things, horticultural things, baby things, cap, key is buckled, the skin provides computer of; of adornment of Christmas of; of product of; gift, handicraft, travel souvenir, pottery and porcelain, glass, toy, adornment, stationery, badge, umbrella, .

4, ginseng exhibit expense:

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