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Dress of dress of 2008 France Fatex decides card trade fair
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2008FranceFatexDress dress decides card trade fair Show time: In November 2008 4-6 day

Show a location: Parisian north dimension straps a class to exhibit a house especially

Exhibit brief introduction:

Fatex only then 1984. Should exhibit with another famous exhibit dress of international of meeting Interselection France wholesale Trade Fair is in same a the corresponding period that exhibit a house hold, attract 10 thousand business to gather.

Fatex does not emphasize particularly on propaganda paterial card, however the enterprise reveals the platform that he is machined and supplies capacity. Attend a meeting traveling trader is professional strong, purchase an amount big, comfortable establish long-term cooperation relationship at both sides of supply and demand. Still can understand international hand-me-down production to run newest current through should be being exhibited.

FATEX was exhibited in November 2007, 350 ginseng that come from 27 countries postpone business, international exhibits business to exceed 70% besides France, basically come from the Asian country such as chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea / area and the North Africa country such as Moroccan, Tunisia. Join the dress in postponing business to machine production and improvement trade enterprise to occupy 70% , sort of item on display includes to wait to underwear, sock, cap from knitting dress, tatting dress, coverall; Spin fabrics, complementary makings, home spins a product also is to exhibit the component of the meeting.

Fatex attended a meeting in April 2007 travelling merchant (person of Contractors And Buyers)6000, travelling merchant occupies 30 % besides France. Travelling merchant includes manager of industry leader, product, purchase chief inspector, stylist to wait. Representing all sorts of sale channel to seek supply of goods and partner over.

Market background:
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