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China protected plan of intellectual property action 2008
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For comprehensive, system, specific elaborate our country to protected measure of intellectual property work 2008, effective directive whole nation protects intellectual property job, system of unit of the member that the country protects office of intellectual property working group to be become jointly with the working group was decided " China protected intellectual property action to plan 2008 " , from 10 the respect protected intellectual property job to undertake deploy to the whole nation, include 280 specific measure in all.

Legislative side, edit, the legislation that enacts 24 to involve brand, copyright, patent and foreign trade and protection of custom intellectual property, code, regulations and administrative measure, draft make 5 judicatory explanation; Execute the law respect, in the light of presswork the key link such as market of duplicate, Internet, publication begins operation of 16 special punish, adopt 11 measure to strengthen execute the law daily, severity investigates the action such as tort of sham pilfer edition, network; Try working respect, take 7 step, solve the outstanding problem that exists in the job effectively, increase judicatory to protect strength further; The mechanism builds an aspect, take 36 step, drive the working mechanism with perfect department efforts and interactive area, early-warning of perfect intellectual property, thought fors the time being and superintend a mechanism, strengthen execute the law supervisory mechanism construction, exploration perfects intellectual property judicatory to protect a mechanism, enhance protective intellectual property to inform against further complain a service center to serve ability; Propagandist respect, take 62 step, through beginning program of large propaganda, recorded broadcast, hold a press conference, hold a variety of forms such as forum, build atmosphere of whole society intellectual property; Groom educational field, carry out through making groom program, write groom teaching material, hold of all kinds groom 27 measure such as class and lecture, execute the law to basic level judicatory personnel, enterprise or business worker of unit staff, law and middle and primary school are unripe undertake intellectual property grooms education; International communication and cooperative respect, take 27 step, through making an on-the-spot investigation, groom, the form such as dialog, seminar strengthens communication, enlarge collaboration; Advance company intellectual property to protect a respect, take 17 step, guide an enterprise to perfect intellectual property system, enhance the ability that uses intellectual property system to participate in competition; Serve a field for obligee, take 25 step, perfect intellectual property serves a system, perfect information serves a network; Respect of special subject research, decide 23 special subject in the light of heat problem, applicable to intellectual property law reach protection and administrative system to undertake study.
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