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The soul of exhibition exhibits interest layout
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On exhibition of the 4th multimedia, the multimedia of a Thailand exhibits a Trade Fair decorate bigger, however door front courtyard is desolate, professional does not have the ground of use force. And vicinity is exhibited because LG computer has present of the outstanding explanation of a few young ladies, performance, data be distributed in order and make exhibit bustling. It is to enter exhibition likewise, final result is different however. How does ability behave the advantage of the company in ground of the utmost on exhibition, this makes people pays close attention to —— more and more

The characteristic of the professional, specific aim that exhibition implements alone with its becomes company of international, home to confront a client directly gradually, reveal oneself wonderful tool. With second at the same time a kind of new formal culture is born subsequently, exhibit already formal. The exhibition is formal form exhibition at Paris of 40 time France the earliest, dimensions is formed in 70 time later, progressively to specialization, normalization develops, 80 time end at the beginning of 90 time, the exhibition is formal in our country also work up rises, accompany the progress that shows course of study in last few years especially, formal to the exhibition layout also valued the company of our country more and more.

What is to exhibit formal layout to exhibit formal layout since to engineer the elaborate scheme of the company through major, devise plan to attend the company of exhibition to offer the most perfect ginseng to exhibit an activity. It includes hardware exhibit, exhibit tablecloth buy, and effect of all sorts of sound that cooperate to it, smooth, report; The activity of propagandist sales promotion of software, exhibition is formal of model groom reach pack etc, make the advantage utmost the earth's surface of the company comes out now. The main purpose no more than that the firm joins exhibition is those who elevate a firm is famous degree, attract a client, negotiate collaboration, oneself good brand image is established in client memory. But the premise condition that should achieve these goals must be: First as far as possible much person is attracted come over. Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to give an exhibition this glorious and formidable task normally formal layout company will do.

How to do good exhibition how does formal layout undertake showing formal plan, in making the enterprise gathers in 10 thousand business can one branch alone beautiful?

(one) the characteristic of brand of the kind that should know exhibition, company, product, style that exhibit a stage, exhibit the circumstance of all around environment and competitor;

(2) the originality plan that has whole and formal activity through the data of place control. Want to achieve effect of movie and TV, explanation effect, dub effect to wait a moment for example;

(3) the basis shows a color, choosing formal young lady is vivid wave optimistic model, small and exquisite still show a delegate to act model model;
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