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7 action spot exhibition fraud
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What because can exhibit property,rule by law is diseased, such as is cheated exhibit etc similar incident is showing an extent already common occurance, how be on guard avoid this kind of incident happening again is to join exhibit the topic with business most discussion. Exhibition of Chinese exhibition association is committee member of academic research committee, medium when Zhang Jiang of harvester compose general manager was accepting a reporter to interview recently, can say, a when cause this kind of incident happening main reason depends on joining the lack that postpone business to ego is protected and be on guard consciousness. He thinks through the network inquiry sponsors an unit to whether exist, if fail to inquire,be a tweak that avoids to be deceived come here kind of information, this kind is exhibited meeting ought to participate in cautiously. He says, at present domestic exhibition sponsors an unit to basically have enterprise of subordinate of governmental orgnaization, guild, chamber of commerce, government sector, state the group sex that relevant department approval puts on record exhibits a company to wait a moment. Exhibition mostly by sponsor, undertake, assist do, composition of supportive media unit. Ginseng postpone business besides should make a thorough investigation of outside sponsorring an unit, still should pay attention to undertake the unit is relevant Information Retrieval, if come through door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry,inquiry undertakes the company is real existence.

Zhang Jiang thinks, specific should make from the following respects:

One, differentiate batch of Wen Zhen bogus

Large exhibition shows an activity, the trade department that must have ranking director or orgnaization undertake putting on record, written instructions, in the large exhibition information that receives like you, without approval model of written characters, discern in time to the unit inquiry that sends message please the true bogus of batch of article.

2, check place

A few in postponing meeting issue, saloon ground also is to join exhibit business discussion relatively centralized topic, when running a project, some exhibition companies often are to still do not have custom-built field, had begun to enrol business however, finally the problem as a result of field, the exhibition appears to abort accidentally. The saloon house with a few big now dimensions of domestic all installs field to book a branch, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to pass a phone to whether is inquiry exhibition booked or hand in field to hire cost.

3, advisory judgement

The large exhibition that holding at present is sponsorred just can establish mostly exhibit meeting advisory place, advisory personnel has thorough knowledge to showing content, ginseng if discover in seek advice statement is vague,postpone business, ying Shen weighs a consideration.

4, section hands in cost to prevent cheat
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