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How can you exhibit a talent after all to should be fostered?
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As can postpone development of land of industry advance rapidly, the education that can extend a person with ability also is begun in intense ground rise, in order to because the industry develops the problem with caused rate is too rapid and in short supply personnel,alleviate. Through in last few years develop, also take the right path gradually to can exhibiting the talent's education. Current, take the lead by branch of Shanghai human affairs, talent of rich of world of courtyard of exam of Shanghai profession ability, Shanghai develops center, Shanghai to be able to exhibit guild to be rolled out jointly " Shanghai can exhibit attestation of level of administrative major technology " (primary) , (intermediate) , (advanced) the job already was started formally in Shanghai.

Inferior rich analysis: What kind of meeting does the enterprise need to extend a person with ability after all? Be in can be being exhibited already was platitude inside the industry, but did not get effective settlement it seems that. Can exhibit education to be put in a variety of education forms at present, have an outstanding student of the universities and colleges of be released from production to take on other duty, the technical ability that has school of technical secondary school is unripe, still have can exhibit senior talented person to groom class peace conference exhibits the meeting with so many …… of class of talent vocational training groom project, is on the choice towards the left is returned right? Industry need just is the primary purpose that can exhibit education, the talent that education comes out does not have the ground of use force, this is worth to be able to exhibit educational personage to think over. The analysis thinks, can exhibit talent demand unit to be able to divide it is 6 kinds: It is governmental orgnaization, meeting exhibits guild peace conference to exhibit professional organization; 2 it is peace conference of apartment of restaurant, hotel exhibits a center; 3 it is travel company, destination management company (DMC) and company of the management that need force (TMC) ; 4 it is to be able to exhibit company and meeting to exhibit service company; 5 it is large and medium-sized enterprise or business unit; 6 it is to be able to exhibit education, groom, scientific research and advisory orgnaization. Can exhibit course of study to regard contemporary service as the substantial of course of study, need many outstanding qualified personnel to drive and promote its to develop, shanghai fact can exhibit the significant step that is thought from certification system of seniority of personnel of course of study promotion can exhibit level of management all right. What must carry is, it is Shanghai is in not just put forward to be able to exhibit talent attestation mechanism, a lot of places also exhibit talent attestation in solid guild. But mostly talent attestation effect is accepted by place of the company inside course of study hard, not allow in circumstance of other each district hopeful when, we to Shanghai arrange of this with one action also can be to expect only just.
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