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Phone of society of vigilant false travel is promoted exhibit meeting
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In recent years, management unit of travel of much home of bureau of development of travel of the autonomous county that press down peace and county receives the telephone call that professing is working personnel of the leader such as association of development of Chinese travel society, travel, office, promote travel code, byelaw to them; Travel manages the book of the respect, the price 300 differ to 500 yuan, still travel of dozen of country, some province develops stimulative meeting to hold travel to be on sale meeting, be on sale propagandist platform 20 thousand —5 10 thousand differ. Requirement travel management department and company turn with the bank Zhang or the method that deposit money to current bankbook pay. Many travel companies believe, remittance buys a book, discovery of after the event is bunco.

Use the contemporary communication method such as the phone, identity of make a false report, be engaged in a book promoting, hold travel to be on sale meeting activity, it is a few more current promote the legerdemain with idiomatic business, damage the relation of government organization and enterprise badly. To avoid to be deceived, travel company is in when receiving similar telephone call and letter, answer to be checked in time to travel management department.