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How does the enterprise obtain exhibition information?
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The news channel that acquires exhibition is varied:

1, show information through using Internet inquiry to obtain

Internet is a kind of economy, convenient, quick effective tool, can cross a region through it, cross time to undertake inquiring, save communication cost, time cost and personnel cost greatly, seasonable understanding exhibits meeting information and trends, understanding exhibits kinds meeting organization structure, item on display is big, means of place of time of exhibition dimensions, exhibition, connection.
This kind of efficient and quick way, already was applied by most company place now.

2, obtain exhibition information through traditional media

Choose subscription trade journal, periodical, newspaper, collect the information of relevant exhibition and ad, undertake classified arranging filtration, withhold the exhibition information that fits this business from which.

This kind of means applies in traditional industry extensive.

3, obtain exhibition information through outdoors advertisement and announcement column

Be in alertly public issuance exhibition information, also be a kind of better news collects means.

4, the person of the same trade inquires between communication of course of study

Meeting or industry party communicate to go up in the industry, while those communicates here OK and mutual the inquiry exhibits meeting information, achieve the goal that information shares.