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Exhibit of the meeting sell a dot to want suit actual
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Serve as a gleam of to be able to exhibit a city, must have a few requirements. Above all, must be the core that area is produced and sells, have decisive advantage, perhaps saying is the ground that the businessman contends for surely, for instance Beijing; Next, must have very strong international information radiant emitance, those who change character is the city that has global information effect, than as above sea; Again, have very active economy factor namely, have powerful economic actual strength, for instance Guangzhou, Shenzhen; Finally, it is the city that has special section sense, for instance western the city such as the Chengdu in big development, Shenyang in revitalizing base of northeast old industry. Eliminate cities of a few typical a gleam of, city of major provincial capital calculates can exhibit second line city.
Want those who do to have vitality to exhibit meeting, its theme must be covered suitably with the industry foundation that is in a city. Through exhibiting the further progress that can promote this trade, and the solid base of the industry is this theme exhibit the powerful backup force of the meeting. Very difficult imagination holds heavy industry fair in the city that is dominant with light industry, although did, the respect such as its dimensions, vitality also can sell at a discount greatly, do not have continuity even.
A lot of cities are in now contend for become area to be able to exhibit central city, a phenomenon that appears subsequently is which meeting inscribes the moderner, precedent that perhaps has a success with respect to project approving of mount a horse. For instance, what Dalian clothing division engineers is very successful, countrywide each district has red-letter day of 10 several dress every year now, the result that bring about is besides Dalian clothing division, the clothing division of a lot of places did to do no less than going to before long, form very hard like Dalian clothing division in that way brand effect.
Say so, exhibiting meeting project approving is a very important segment, those who need a consideration is not just whether with this city form a complete set, get used to the development state of affairs of this industry, consider even congener exhibit the holds ginseng of circumstance, target to exhibit an unit intent of the meeting how, the sale medium that whether has otherness. Can say, a good selection of subject is the very basis that exhibits meeting success, choose good conference topic to be equal to even exhibit can succeed half.
Every plan that postpones the success of the meeting to cannot leave to sell a site and carry out, especially second line meets those who exhibit a city to exhibit meeting. But contemporary meeting is exhibited had been 80 years should stand only no longer, take batch of article receive the period of money with respect to sit back and wait, the development of the industry promoted competitive aggravate, had competition to need an organizer to have the sale train of thought of poor dissimilation, development enough attracts those who join the eyeball that postpone business to sell a site. Now a common phenomenon is, exhibit on the meeting mostly the meeting that the corresponding period holds to be the same as a theme, invite speech of spot of scholar of a few so called experts, attract join the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit free ginseng to meet. The person that uses group of this kind of fashion to exhibit when the first is very clever, can be later of follow-up appear blind however. For instance auto industry is exhibited, an auto industry forum must be done in the corresponding period, does just think have this necessary? After all the car is exhibited is one faces wide swarm to be exhibited numerously directly meeting, they won't pay close attention to this industry to develop how, just paid close attention to car price to fall? Performance of which kinds of vehicle is very low-cost? Always cannot organize one pile ginseng to exhibit business to attend forum, be to take the branch for the root in that way? But do a few forum or compare what a few exhibit sex of meeting form a complete set pretty good, for instance concessionary join in exhibition, the very much person that do poineering work needs to have an opportunity that accepts expert guidance, join the product that exhibits business to also be happy to use this opportunity to communicate his, concept and favourable policy, this kind of forum that has profit to both sides just suits to hold.
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