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Employ " good chamberlain " -- go abroad do extend concept of unit area area
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According to Chinese trade hurried meets statistic: Country went 2006 postpone a business 25358, than going up year of growth 5101; Showpiece gross area 310 thousand much square metre, than going up year of growth 90 thousand square metre; 111 groups exhibit an unit to be carried out in all go abroad do postpone a plan 915. According to not complete count, 2006, join the commerce contract amount that exhibits an enterprise to be reached through exhibition to be 4.3 billion dollar, intent clinchs a deal consultative amount 13.8 billion dollar.

Above data makes clear, take “ China to make ” express go to business chance of abroad look for to had become the consensus of a lot of enterprises. But piece exhibiting is an omnibus sale activity, postpone business besides should buy “ ticket ” beyond, novice start off had better want ——

Should ask at present home has how many enterprise to be in make a country do postpone business, true still not quite good say to be clear about. Can put on record in Chinese trade hurried only 2006 the organization gives those who exhibit a project to 111 groups exhibit an unit, run a system as to steer clear of, company of home of organization of do sth without authorization goes abroad hold an exhibition, be on sale mobile company and regular army photograph are compared much with times plan. They are attracted with low quoted price postpone business, exhibit an unit to create inequitable competitive environment to the group that runs lawfully. Face sanded stone all to fall, the group going abroad of good and evil people mixed up postpones service business, joining the first when exhibit an enterprise to want to had passed to close is to should employ a “ good chamberlain ” .

When team member of ” of “ nation group

The exhibition of begin of word of the ” in a lot of domestic “ serves a company to begin exhibition going abroad for a long time to organize the work, had assumed a country to entrust overseas to hold the exhibition job that has own brand, formed to go out perfectly postpone service technological process. If can ask these companies to steward when “ ,postpone business ” , save effort of natural meeting save worry is not little.

Chinese country is exhibited be in Russia at coming 29 days on March 26, 2007 capital Moscow “ ” exhibition center holds Keluokusi successfully. This the country is exhibited is our country the scale that holds outside the condition with national name is the largest, involve the exhibition with the widest field, chinese government all gave height attention about branch and Russia respect. National chairman Hu Jintao and president of Russia general Beijing attend China year reach a country to exhibit an opening ceremony, visited an exhibition jointly.
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