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Raise the integral level that postpones meeting knowledge and sale
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Exhibit meeting knowledge to develop flourishingly in our country at present, but whole exhibits meeting knowledge to still be in primary level, exhibit meeting knowledge experience because of what this is necessary to draw lessons from a developed country, in rise, the country exhibits the integral level of meeting knowledge sale.
The idea that those who make a person gratified is the thing ” that “ postpones meeting knowledge sale is an enterprise only is occurrent change. At present peace conference of domestic government sector exhibits a bound to had reached consensus: Exhibit meeting knowledge to manage and also should be popularized as a product. Clearly, if a city is strengthened with ICCA (international congress and conference association) the connection that waits for the conference and exhibition organization, certainly will can strive for what more and large meeting exhibits an activity to exhibit meeting knowledge to hold advantageous position.

World of make a comprehensive view can exhibit the development history of course of study, the meeting such as Germany, United States, France, Singapore exhibits economic developed country not to have the support that strives for international major not actively to exhibit meeting knowledge, some countries itself is had exhibit meeting knowledge globally; Have relevant authority organization approbate and supporting is crucial, meet to resembling world rich such global exhibition especially such.

Numerous the successful practice that exhibits meeting knowledge developed country already proved: Exhibiting meeting knowledge industry smoothly to run system is the fundamental requirement that the city can extend industry health development and integral sales promotion. Exhibit meeting knowledge to be in Euramerican developed country, the government does not participate in the conference or exhibition directly exhibit meeting knowledge to manage, provide necessary support to can postpone the development of course of study however, besides offer exhibit place of build of policy of meeting knowledge privilege, investment (manage independently by the company) , outside aiding financially enterprise ginseng going abroad to exhibit, return assistance, stimulative meeting to exhibit what the company begins the conference or fair to exhibit meeting knowledge to popularize the job.

The country is explicit exhibit meeting knowledge especially when the integral sales promotion of global conference or world exposition, can exhibit branch and tourism to often can absolute sincerity collaboration, and home can extend a scope (guild / can exhibit a company) do very defectively still in this respect. In future a paragraph of period, home can exhibit bound and tourism group to might as well in combination sales promotion respect exhibits meeting knowledge to have a few bold attempts, because exhibit meeting knowledge, meeting to exhibit activity and travel activity,exist a lot of general character, when this decided the city is having destination whole sales promotion, can exhibit a branch to be able to be mixed completely travel department efforts. Even if exhibit meeting knowledge to begin sale to popularize an activity, the travel tourist attraction that also should reach the conference and exhibition and city periphery and travel recieve establishment union to rise.
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