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Exhibit the English with meeting use highest frequency
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Let Me Introduce You To Mr. Li General Manager Of Our Company.

Let me introduce you to know, this is our general manager, mr Li.

It’s An Honor To Meet.

Be honoured to know you very much.

Nice To Meet You. I’ve Heard A Lot About You.

Very glad to know you, name of I have long been looking forward to meeting you.

How Do I Pronounce Your Name?

How is your name read?

How Do I Address You?

How appellation you?

It’s Going To Be The Pride Of Our Company.

This will be our company honor.

What Line Of Business Are You In?

Do you make that group?

Keep In Touch.

Maintain connection.

Thank You For Coming.

Thank your presence.

Don’t Mention It.

Fasten polite

Excuse Me For Interrupting You.

Excuse me to disturb you please.

I’m Sorry To Disturb You.

Do not rise disturb you.

Excuse Me A Moment.

I am sorry, excuse me.

Excuse Me. I’ll Be Right Back.

I am sorry, I come back immediately. . .