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Can exhibit intellectual property to protect special operation summary
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China protected intellectual property action to plan a summary 2006
The country protects strength to increase intellectual property, investigate blow stoutly all sorts of illegal tort behavior, by the country office of working group of protective intellectual property concerned sectional organization to make together " action of Chinese protection intellectual property planned 2006 " the following abbreviation " the action plans " .
" the action plans " involve 4 fields such as brand, copyright, patent, imports and exports. Include ministry of the Ministry of Public Security, MII, Department of Commerce, culture, custom total arrange, industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau of total bureau, qualitative check, copyright bureau, the inspect that feed medicine, intellectual property bureau and legal system of the State Council do 11 parts and country to protect know to do, the orgnaization such as courtyard of high court, tall check, the plan will be drafted in 6 years, make, edit 17 involve brand, copyright, patent and the law that custom protects, code, regulations, way; Can exhibit course of study to make plan of special punish of ” of action of “ blue sky.
In the 2nd China can exhibit commerce of the China on forum of economic international collaboration to promote committee and international exhibition to managed association to be published jointly " the joint statement that Sino-US meeting exhibits course of study to protect intellectual property " .
On March 1, classics Department of Commerce, country is industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau, national intellectual property is discussed through, begin formally on March 10 to apply " exhibit meeting intellectual property protection runs way " .
On March 5, the 4th times the conference is in the 10th National People's Congress Beijing kicks off, general manager of Home Wen treasure makes governmental working report. Go out in report middle finger, 2006 is executive “ the first year when 915 ” plan, want good bureau, have good situation. Among them a main job should increase industrial structural adjustment, resource namely managing with environmental protection strength. Should master core as soon as possible in a few principal properties technology and improve a system compositive ability, form a batch of technologies that own own intellectual property, product and standard. Main measure is: Aggrandizement enterprise is innovating independently medium main body position, build it is with the market oriented, produce the technical innovation system that learns to grind to be united in wedlock; Executive brand strategy, encourage development to have the well-known trademark that own intellectual property protects; Perfect intellectual property protects a system, increase execute the law strength; Perfect the incentive mechanism of own innovation; Improve market environment, expand poineering venture capital investment, supportive medium and small businesses promotes own innovation capability. Wen Jiabao emphasizes, should continue to be rectified deep with normative market order. Punish severely holiday of the carry out that make a holiday, commerce lawfully con, bootlegger illicit, violate the act such as intellectual property.
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