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Exposition: New product recommends the most
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Show the newest statistic result that trade association announces according to Germany, china already exceeded Italy, make German exhibition the biggest abroad ginseng exhibits industry source ground. Statistical number shows, in the rank that Germany exhibited ground of the can abroad origin that postpone business 2006, include Hong Kong and Taiwan inside China shares 13900 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, yuan Chao 10127 of the 2nd Italy.

What should need to emphasize particularly is, european Union east enlarge, a world that includes almost major Europe's biggest market will be formed. Accordingly, the European Union market that a lot of far-sighted companies will not come comes as a whole look upon, business chance of race to control. And

The Chinese business that develops German market to the hope will tell, exposition is acting crucial role. The trade fair with numerous extensive theme is the most effective vehicle that introduces new product or new technology. Investigation shows, german market policymaker thinks, exposition is they do those who buy a decision the mainest tool. And ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to use German exposition to develop the market, what is understanding international competitor doing, the product that understands oneself has what actor drawback, competition ability has many to wait by force. Accordingly, german exposition is the bridge of development Germany market not just, also be the window of market of development European Union, it is the good chance of development world market more. Germany made much more important exposition attract the stock trader that comes from the whole world, exhibit business to be here with it is OK even to come from beautiful city of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin with the Chinese company that comes from other area deal. This also makes more and more China enterprises go to heart ginseng to exhibit.