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Can exhibit talent education and talent demand how to be opposite receive
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As me congress postpones flying development of economy, gigantic to can extending professional requirement add. Sign up for reporter Ji Chungong according to Chinese commerce the investigation 2007, the scale of the person that can postpone professional post demand and to apply for a job is: Shrimp?0:1, Beijing 8:1, Guangzhou 8:1, the specification can exhibit professional at present shortage is very severe. In can exhibit a talent to surprise below the background that lack, can exhibit education and groom also develop flourishingly like emerge, according to not complete count, end by 2006, 4 years short, the whole nation already had 89 institution of higher learing to be established early or late can exhibit major. Carry every year to the society can exhibit professional to make an appointment with 5500 people. So, can imagine like people in that way, can exhibiting major is popular major, can you exhibit professional graduate to become ” of “ popular commodities? The fact is not such. Current, chinese meeting exhibits talent education and talent demand to existing tremendous contrast, the phenomenon that the talent develops incommensurate business demand is more serious. I am engaged in can exhibiting education 3 years to come, took great river north and south of China, exhibit a situation to compare understanding to countrywide meeting, postpone a business with very much meeting connection is close. The condition that reflects from unit of choose and employ persons looks, the student that they graduate to can exhibiting major is dissatisfactory. The enterprise needs to have the academic, talented person that has actual combat capacity again already, and actual condition is, most meeting exhibits professional student to lack academic height and systematization already, had not carried out experience, dry what what is no good. The company is not willing to cost proper time and charge to foster such graduate, do not be willing to admit such graduate more, the result is the talented person that the enterprise cannot find him satisfaction, graduate also cannot find his ideal work station. I think, this one problem basically has two big reasons to cause: It is the faculty with educational orgnaization outstanding lack, professional fixed position is ambiguous, talent education lacks distinguishing feature; 2 it is student shortage practice, cause student theory and practice to be out of line badly, learn not applicable. My school already had two graduate, look from their obtain employment circumstance, obtain employment rate amounts to 80 % above, obtain employment case is good. The experience that my school can exhibit a talent to foster is:

One, play advantage, exact location

Harbin business college is our country exclusive a business division university, sale of industrial and commercial management, market is the traditional advantage major of my school, force of persons qualified to teach is abundant, education establishment is advanced, can exhibit major of sale of economy and administrative major and industrial and commercial management, market to be set in institute of industrial and commercial government, industrial and commercial canal still sets MBA to teach a center inside courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, in persons qualified to teach and education the respect such as establishment can be shared, gave very big persons qualified to teach and education the support of establishment to can exhibiting economy and administrative major. Made sure this major can develop the outstanding person with ability of a high quality. According to the teaching dominant position of oneself, this school can exhibit professional student to foster orientation is: Person with ability of the sale that the ginseng of the wave enrolling business that special education can extend a trade, place management, large company postpones the respect such as trade representing, government.
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