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If where,exhibit get victory of the with one action in the meeting
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Grab eyeball, wear from detail hand

The merchant is like the cloud reveal meeting, any ginseng exhibits business to expect to grab eyeball, but ginseng exhibit business to will grab eyeball to place at be being exhibited greatly and exhibit the luxurious adornment of the meeting to go up, this hard to avoid is an error. Capable to obtain exhibit greatly, actual strength will be exhibited it is good to be done 5 stars course is naturally, but exhibit greatly after all finite, a lot of enterprises get the limitation of actual strength, 5 stars level is reached impossibly also on hardware. They should be being revealed show itself on the meeting, the key is about to do fine detail.

Same, it is good to had exhibit and exhibit an adornment luxuriously, that can cause attention only merely, final, in still wanting to be recommended in particular product, achieve let join the person that meet to realize product and the goal that approve a product. Use fine detail ably, unexpected effect often arrives since the meeting. Be like: SHUREN exhibits can medium gift link design, and extend the detail operation of gift.

Use ” of good “ person this the most active ingredient

Exhibit in the meeting, the talent is the most active ingredient. A lot of enterprises are used already the CD with good transcribe undertakes a product reveal, be worthy of is the method of an economic labor power, but, this kind reveals means flexibility to differ, cannot resolve the question of the person that a lot of ginseng are met randomly, also can let a product recommend personnel to be depended on to its generation, train and also recommend initiative lack is very well. Of personnel man-to-man communicate very good settlement this problem, the auxiliary method such as mood, limbs was used very well in the course that and be in recommends, let communicate more specific aim and human nature are changed.

Pay close attention to each link of demand catenary

Each link of demand catenary must get paying close attention to adequately. Because the identity of the ginseng person that meet is more complex, have agency, teacher, religion appoint house of official, report teaching purchases personnel …… to face so complex personnel, the demand with the diverse to arriving meeting in the course that recommending a product pays close attention to a dot. Accordingly, pay close attention to a dot to have sufficient understanding and research to the demand of each link beforehand, give out corresponding countermeasure, not only the commendation that lets a product process do a job with skill and ease, still can remove truly the doubt of each link and demand.

Politic obedience is carried out

Before deciding strategy, must evaluate oneself to issue what can achieve to implement power in the state of limited time and limited natural resources above all. That is to say, strategy must be subject to executive force. An adornment is exhibited luxuriously, but the commendation that the product recommends personnel the level cannot match to it, adverse effect often arrives since the meeting. In this second exhibit meeting, such enterprise is absent a few. We are experienced, successful ginseng is exhibited, the most important preparing carefully at beforehand and plan and exhibit fine detail is done during the meeting. Make up for hardware with software (exhibit not beautiful) be complete likelihood.
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