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Exhibit can evaluate attestation hopeful to unite a standard
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Department of Commerce is announced external " Chinese churchyard external economic technology exhibition evaluates attestation method (try out) " , seek an opinion to the society. The expert inside course of study thinks consistently, this action makes exhibit can evaluate attestation job to stride a key one pace

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Wei) go up lunar end, department of Commerce law department is announced external " Chinese churchyard external economic technology exhibition evaluates attestation method (try out) " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , the origanization construction to evaluating attestation, program that evaluates attestation, promotion that evaluates attestation and the punishment that evaluate attestation have detail and thinness regulation, be in forward on Feburary 20 the society seeks an opinion. This makes clear, industry expects long already, the government is in charge of a branch to brew much China one year can exhibiting an industry to evaluate the building of certification system, had materiality progress.

Current, our country should be held every year greatly small more than 4000 are exhibited meeting, but because exhibit,can evaluate a standard to be short of break, the industry is supervised and autonomic system had be notted form, the industry serves a level to rise urgently. “ does exhibit chaos of urgent, service, join Zhan Weiquan to turn everywhere; Doorsill low, demand is high, 10 exhibit 5 random ” , it is current meeting exhibits a saying with the most popular industry.

Accordingly, how to undertake assessment attestation to exhibition, become the congress in last year to exhibit the topic with the most popular cause.

2007, china can exhibit course of study can evaluate, begin the work in succession, include Chinese trade hurried to be able to exhibit a ministry to organize colloquium of have an informal discussion of the expert inside course of study to exhibit occupation standard; Department of Commerce entrusts China to be able to exhibit economic seminar to draft international to exhibit can evaluate a standard; China can exhibit economic seminar to issue the proposal that implements caliber of collective exhibition statistic; Department of Commerce entrusts academy of Department of Commerce to draft domestic exhibition to evaluate attestation standard; The Ministry of Agriculture establishs Chinese agriculture to be able to exhibit classification to hold working office; Chinese exhibition association exhibits project major committee to carry out standard of aptitude of exhibition engineering company; Chinese trade union comes on stage " can exhibit professional handler " standard; Shanghai can exhibit guild to begin international to exhibit can evaluate, announce a result; Long triangle city can exhibit alliance to begin to organize what meet to what belonging to an area to exhibit to evaluate the work; The city the Chinese system of weights and measures such as Guangzhou, Ning Bo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Nanjing is exhibited surely can evaluate a standard to wait.
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