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Exhibit meeting sale to be expert in making money
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Be less than the time of 2 months too again, fair of medicines and chemical reagents of the 59th whole nation will be held in Xi'an, but in Xi'an, exhibit besides the medicine that exhibits a company to hold by the encourage of subordinate of group of traditional Chinese medicine and a series of besides forum, meet a few days ago, the drug that for certain none exceptionally look forward to of medicine of a few this locality holds all sorts of items exhibits those who will attract a client to attend. Face exhibit numerously meeting, sponsor to us just mix ginseng exhibited an enterprise to raise a few questions.

Exhibit the reflection of meeting operator

A well-known trademark can bring back to life an enterprise, a brand is exhibited also can be one postpones meeting business what Lai Yisheng is put and develop is essential. Of brand exhibition what measure a level or establish brand exhibition is basic

Element includes: It is the strong support of authoritative association and trade delegate; The 2 development direction that are delegate industry; 3 be major extend meeting service; 4 it is to obtain the qualification of “UFI” to approbate; 5 it is long-term plan

Delimit, hold to brand strategy thinking.

Join those who postpone a business to think

The enterprise wants to save 40% above than other and traditional form with attending the cost cost that exhibits the form of the meeting to extend the market, in the meantime, still shortened greatly sales promotion time. Be in a few more Euramerican commerce big country, absolutely mostly

Several enterprises are from exhibit major commerce is obtained on the meeting opportunity and seek a partner, in the meantime, also be the optimal room that shares international market competition. But those who let a person feel regretful is, so far,

Still have in our country quite partial enterprise thinks, refer the matter that exhibiting is a wasteful time, money, energy, even if come ginseng exhibit, also be very cursory ground is dealt with, general ginseng exhibits a staff member to think: Yes

The leader lets come, ranking unit name comes. So, how should the company hold “ to exhibit meeting sale ” , how to do each work that good ginseng exhibits?

After the enterprise decides ginseng signing up is exhibited, must the make choice of on the horse is exhibited advantageously, had done exhibit membership due to use a budget, in the meantime, want protocol a detailed ginseng postpones plan, and around postpone conference plan plan is careful

Serious ground completes each work:

1, postpone the job before the meeting: (1) design, make exhibit arrange plan; (2) exhibit meeting design and exhibit the meeting item on display that pack; (3) publicize those who exhibit meeting data to write make; (4) those who exhibit meeting souvenir make

Make; (5) join those who exhibit a staff member to groom.
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