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Inferior contented spring exhibits foreign flutter to have new device
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Recently, from inferior contented organizing committee transmits a message, recer of brand of leading sheep of Portuguese ceramics industry, famous pottery and porcelain affirms formally already ginseng exhibit eleventh Chinese Fosan (international) pottery and porcelain reads extensively Fair (abbreviation inferior contented spring is exhibited) . It is reported, recer and inferior of Tao Zhan the first time communicating is exhibit in the Boluoniya last year meeting, communicated contented this to hand in the international that meeting channel can exhibit to introduce through foreign famous pottery and porcelain on the history to join the beginning that postpones business just about.

According to inferior the E-marketing group controller that contented organizing committee pursues sale of pair of outer net wind technically introduces, after the travel that from last year rich collect Ni Yazhan meets two vice president of company, brand of pottery and porcelain of much home international and their group close tie, seek advice inferior the detailed information that contented extends meeting and Chinese market, because opposite time tightens the reason such as hurried, at present they support the wait-and-see attitude of farther understanding mostly, and Recer already had more knowledge to Chinese market, to market prospect very value, also fill the action that Xin Yatao product postpones split phase, what so the decision of bilateral collaboration does is faster.

According to introducing, recer is founded 1977, introduced what innovation sex manages a concept and make trade of Portuguese pottery and porcelain quickly to get bellwether 1985. Its produce base to be located at Portuguese mid, basically produce material of qualitative stone of floor tile of white base wall, porcelain, daily output is 25, 000 square metre. Its produce raw material to all be passed choose subtly, products plan is as synchronous as international market tide also, the product checks the test and verify of the orgnaization through becoming independent internationally, the market spans European Union each country, sell like hot cakes this the Na Weiya each country of can, own bigger market share in and other places of the United States, Canada, middle east, Asia. Recer takes the concept that develops diversity product continuously all the time, pass the collaboration that creates domain VIP character with other art especially, initiated the historical new page of Portuguese ceramics industry. The “Signed Collections” ceramic tile that Ana Salazar And Graça Viterbo of Portuguese fashionable bound designs, be Recer city and style of rural union design is good reflect, good reputation is had in Portuguese industry, what be worth to be carried particularly is his the metope agglutinate product of new generation is in fast degree, the respect such as aesthetic feeling and resistance can get used to unconventional very easily to build a structure, it is the superexcellent product that is used at ventilated metope, also can promote architectural beautiful effect, have effect of good heat insulation, sound insulation.
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