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Exhibit outfit knowledge
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Exhibit installing is exhibition ginseng exhibits an enterprise to pass exhibit the design will stress company image and product, it is market tone, light, report, special material exhibit the adornment of a kind of special type that acts the role of combination and design, it included knowledge and the art such as mechanical, architecture again. Contemporary, internationally exhibit outfit should reflect an enterprise and product culture and effect of advertisement accumulative total, should notice the individual character of make public enterprise and product more, and be in make public individual character while the consciousness of science and technology of sex of the look up before be enterprise or product infuse and culture feeling, accordingly, exhibit well hold the contemporary connotation that promoted enterprise or product greatly and culture inside information.
Originality can say is contemporary company conduct propaganda and the main feature that reveal. And the depends on individual character successfully make public of originality. The more of individual character can give a person more in order to pound, give a person in order to shake, make a person photographic, develop the most efficient market to regard as thereby, realize the most effective market transmission. The choice of the imagination of the fixed position that the make public of this kind of individual character involves a form, space, material, tectonic peculiar, colorific is handled and of means novel, the beard is integrated and unified. Change character, exhibit a distinctive configuration, colour, craft, style to wait namely want organic confluence, form whole industry or individual character of item on display thereby.