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Haibohui Li is sufficient the famous city makes the sea on the west recreational
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Hold through 10 success, exposition of cross-strait spin dress and sportswear hold fair, already developed become “ China to provide consequence spin dress to exhibit one of meeting ” most, be judged to be “ China to provide a person to enrage spin dress to exhibit meeting ” most by industry.
In April 2008 18 to 21 days, eleventh exposition of cross-strait spin dress and exposition of 2008 recreational dress (STCF) Fujian Province of famous city —— will be installed in Chinese sportswear stone lion city is held. Should exhibit can undertake ground stone lion has results greatly more, be judged to be Chinese sportswear to install international of dress of spin of famous city, China to purchase vogue of center, China to release recreational fabrics of center, China to release popularity of fashionable dress of center, CCTV early or late the trend releases the title such as the center, the spin dress with become China the most important board piece one of.
From original hire the De Hui square of 3000 much square metre, to now be born at covering an area of city of 1100 mus stone lion dress, dimensions, influence enlarges Haibohui ceaselessly, the person that profit from sponsors stressed the following distinguishing feature in particular operation:
Stress the distinguishing feature that trade of cross-strait collaboration classics communicates
The distinct advantage that Haibohui produces Fujian adequately to communicate in cross-strait collaboration and stone lion regard the whole nation as the good foundation of base of production of industry of important spin garment, stress the distinguishing feature that trade of cross-strait collaboration classics communicates, sportswear of “ of play stone lion holds the brand action of famous city ” , the communication of industry of garment of spin of stimulative two sides of the Taiwan Straits and development.
Taiwan house is annual Haibohui's window. Contact through what travel together with Taiwan with communicate, taiwan spins develop sweater of meeting, Taiwan braids consortium of industrial a person of same business, Taiwan to made consortium of consortium of garment industry a person of same business and a person of same business of Taiwan knitting industry had built close cooperation to concern with Haibohui. Haibohui strengthens the communication of new fabrics of industry of garment of stone lion spin and Taiwan industry, new information and cooperation further, also make Taiwan enterprise understands the requirement of industry of mainland spin garment at the same time, industry of garment of stimulative Taiwan spin to the mainland reasonable be on the move, for Taiwan relevant industry invests bridge of erect of Fujian, mainland. Current, stone lion whole town shares business of many 170 Taiwan businessman, the Taiwan businessman that is in business in stone lion exceeds 5000 person.
Concentration deduces recreational theme
In recent years, haibohui obtains major breakthrough, amid of theme of “ recreational ” is having decisive effect. From ginseng exhibit scale and company property to look, joining the clothing company that exhibit basically is fontal city is large and medium-sized clothing company, the business that manufactures recreational clothing especially is in the majority, like king of 7 wolves, 9 herd, bird of interest bully, riches and honour, Aidengbao, great emperor, big win treasure of the home, Si Deya, emperor, Gage, Weilanxi to wait, occupy dress to exhibit the 80 % of a gross about. Additional, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to undertake in order to highlight image of company core brand exhibiting pack decorate, highlighted exhibit the recreational characteristic He Minna of the meeting board piece the advantage of recreational dress group. Exhibit promotion of meeting conduct propaganda and recreational fabrics, sportswear to install popular trend to release etc a series of give priority to those who inscribe an activity in order to lie fallow to hold, showed “ Fujian more adequately to send ” dress to lead the whole of recreational vogue actual strength.
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