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Postpone conference brief report (on Feburary 28, 2008)
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Wen Bo of 2008 Shandong “ is met ”

Will begin in September

Reporter Hou beautiful Jinan reports a few days ago, the reporter publicizes a know on held press conference from Shandong provincial Party committee, 2008 Shandong (international) culture industry exposition will with China (Qu Fu) international Confucius Cultural Festival is united in wedlock, will come 22 days on September 19 this year respectively at Jinan assembly room, to 30 days of Yu Jining the assembly room will be held on September 27.

Shandong provincial Party committee publicizes ministry minister Li Qun to express on the press conference, meeting ” divides this “ Wen Bo in all big board piece, exert oneself pushs the great culture project such as plan and construction of ” of city of mark of “ China culture, do make brand of strong Confucius culture greatly, drive the collaboration crossing a state of culture industry and butt joint, make the new calling card of Shandong culture with internationalization eye shot.

As we have learned, this “ Wen Bo is met before ” , will collect culture industry project publicly, in and other places of Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Japan, Australia, hold “ China culture to indicate city and project of Shandong culture industry recommend action business to show meeting ” .

Be in harmony of ferry of the 15th “ is met ”

Will appear this year in April

Lei Tianjin reports Liu Tongcong of reporter Wei Lianming's reporter a few days ago, the reporter learns, tianjin invests commerce the 15th times to negotiate meeting (be in harmony of abbreviation “ ferry is met ” ) will be in hall of center of Tianjin international exhibition, Tianjin, Tianjin at coming 22 days on April 18, 2008 garden of airport international car is held.

It is reported, meeting ” will set be in harmony of current “ ferry investment negotiates, intelligence of merchandise trade, talent is introduced 3 big board piece. Invest among them negotiate board piece set in Tianjin international to exhibit a center, share 1400 to exhibit; Merchandise trade board piece include daily expense consumable to reveal reveal with the car, set 1200 to exhibit in all; Talent intelligence is introduced board piece arrangement is exhibited 400. This board piece Bohai Sea of orgnaization of the scientific research outside will concerning branch, home with the country, annulus saves city qualified personnel to communicate a center to wait for an orgnaization each, yu Huanbo of base oneself upon is Haitian area, begin face communication of domestic and international qualified personnel of new and high technology and intelligence to introduce, the innovation talent that introduces a batch of Gao Shuiping mainly and get a soldier just, for industry of advantage of Tianjin seaside new developed area development provides powerful talent and intellective support.
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