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Zhengzhou can be exhibited form upsurge to do nearly 50 to exhibit certainly fir
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(reporter Wang Zhihua) latter, henan Zhengzhou exhibits meeting activity to form upsurge, numerous meeting exhibits profusion to appear, wonderful confused is shown. The reporter is obtained from Zhengzhou city international exhibition center breath, whole first half of the year town already held certainly exhibit meet nearly 50, among them 34 month have everyday almost exhibit can hold.
In March, the exhibition area that already held in Zhengzhou certainly of above of 20 thousand square metre large and medium-sized exhibit can amount to 10, for example: Fair of travel of 2008 China home exposition of machinery of pharmacy of the 35th whole nation, product of countrywide agriculture machinery orders goods Fair, the books of the 18th whole nation that national news publishs total arrange to sponsor trades exposition, china interlinks inn exposition to wait.
Concerned controller tells a reporter, as taller than exhibiting meeting activity norms this year as photograph of in former years, impact is bigger, achieve Henan all previous most. Among them during Fair of travel of 2008 China home, business of more than 500 mayor of many 100 mayor of world-renowned travel city, city of first-class travel of more than 300 home, global famous journey and personage of social all circles 100 thousand Yu Ren general gathers Zhengzhou. The inheritance of the “ culture bequest in Asian artistic moral integrity and the height forum that develop ” will invite minister of culture of Asian each country, expert scholar and “ the whole people to read what give priority to a problem with harmonious society ” to publish high-level forum books of the 18th whole nation trades the nation is reached in the center of on exposition.
As we have learned, exhibiting one of window of the meeting this year is to exhibit peace conference to discuss close together tie, develop the activity of formal diversity at the same time, attract broad masses to take an active part in. Books of the 18th whole nation trades exposition is in at the same time Luoyang, unseal, 3 ground install An Yang branch field, begin “ good book to enter ——— of common people home in all I most the ” of a book that love has award to read wait for 9 significant activities.