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Exposition of Beijing international finance is gone to review
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Finance serves economy, finance to serve enterprise, finance to serve common people
On November 8, 2007 morning, be known as “ China finance the exposition of the first finance of international of the 3rd Beijing that exhibits ” opens in Beijing exhibition.

Rich of gold of the first Beijing can be in center of Beijing international trade to be held successfully in September 2005, liu Qi of secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee, coulee of week of president of Chinese people bank attends an opening ceremony to erupt simultaneously express important speech, button couplet store Mu of executive vice-chairman Williams this • pulls Teliji, inspect of card of meeting vice-chairman Tang Shuangning, China meets Chinese silver-colored inspect vice-chairman Zhuang Xin one, China protects inspect to meet a vice-chairman to the leader such as distribution ceremony visits fair and give height the opinion. Rich of gold of the 2nd Beijing is met on November 7, 2006 ——10 day is in Beijing exhibition opens, di Hongxiang of members of standing committee of Beijing municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, su Ning of assistant president of Chinese people bank, bank of China (5.04, - 0.02, - 0.40% , ) Cai E of vice-chairman of committee of industry supervisory management is unripe, chinese negotiable securities supervises Liu Xinhua of assistant of committee member of administrative committee Party committee, chairman, china is sure to supervise Li Kemu of administrative committee vice-chairman, wang Zhaoxing of director of bureau of assistant of chairman of committee of supervisory management of industry of Bank of China, Beijing silver-colored inspect, liaoning saves Lu Xin of people government vice-governor, beijing protects Ding Xiaoyan of inspect bureau director, beijing country endowment appoint director Xiong Daxin, vice director Huo Xuewen, xu Xi of deputy floorwalker of Beijing Bureau of Finance, and inspect of card of meeting, China meets silver-colored inspect of Chinese people bank, China, China protects inspect can wait for the superintendency orgnaization central to was stationed in the Beijing, controller that accredits an orgnaization to attend an opening ceremony.

Attend rich of the 3rd Beijing gold to meet the leader of the opening ceremony to have Beijing negotiable securities of easy key link of assistant of president of bank of people of Jilin of standing deputy mayor, China, China supervises assistant of administrative committee chairman Liu Xinhua, China is sure to supervise assistant of administrative committee chairman Chen Wenhui, li Xiaohong of Beijing government secretary-general chairs an opening ceremony. In addition, the still concerned province city, Beijing saves city finance to do about branch, part responsible comrade that attends an opening ceremony and ginseng exhibit the delegate of financial orgnaization, place and enterprise.

Come to more than 100 homes 3 years domestic and international media can undertake propagandist a report to Beijing Jin Bo, among them the TV medium such as TV station of CCTV, Beijing, Heibei TV station, the broadcast media such as broadcasting station of broadcasting station of central people broadcast, China International broadcast, Beijing broadcast broadcasting station, " People's Daily " , " economic daily " , " bright daily " , " the Workers'Daily " , " financial times " , " Chinese negotiable securities signs up for " , " newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities " , " negotiable securities times " , " negotiable securities daily " , " Beijing daily " , sina net, wait for network media with dispatch of money of dispatch net, world China, the news agency such as news agency of news agency of Xinhua News Agency, China, rich of Reuter, Peng reported Jinbohui is relevant content. Among them, newscast of broadcasting station of broadcast of channel of economy of TV station of center of news of TV station of integrated channel, CCTV economy channel, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing is opposite the CCTV Beijing Jin Bo can make whole journey press, the sound of economy of broadcasting station of central people broadcast, sound of city of central people broadcast, spot direct seeding that in Jinbohui with dispatch net the spot has by a definite date 4 days, " Beijing evening paper " , " Beijing youth signs up for " , " legal evening paper " , " capital times " , " Beijing business signs up for " , " contest signs up for " , " times of an ancient name for China " wait for key media to be in exhibit Jin Bo undertakes during the meeting, sina net, set Beijing Jin Bo with dispatch of money of dispatch net, world China meeting zone.
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