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Geneva car extends new power of observation future car
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In March, 78 say Geneva cars that element has ” of tide of car of “ mark international exhibit v/arc be on the throne at the Balaisibao near Geneva airport international exhibits a center to hold. The car exhibits gross area to amount to 70 thousand square metre. Exhibit to the public time by a definite date 10 days, ginseng exhibit many 260 manufacturer. Because Switzerland is the country that Europe does not produce a car, 5 cart extend objective and its justice, alive scope medium position holds the balance, because be European only,the car that runs every year is exhibited, especially Swiss situation and national power are powerful and prosperous, its indicate the gender is exhibited in a lot of car in develop a school of one's own.

Geneva car is exhibited this year stressed environmental protection and energy-saving theme, ginseng exhibit manufacturer to be in roll out luxurious product while, a large number of exhibiting small, platoon estimates size small but the small-sized car with high content of science and technology. Discharge capacity of production tail gas and amount of bad news oil are small but the car with outstanding performance, it is the objective that car manufacturer pursues hard. Geneva car exhibits ——City Car of model of a new idea (small-sized city uses a car) the modern term that makes instantly popularity.

The NewFiesta that Ford reveals has 3 to be able to choose with 5. Is Zheshi the Martin of British book total stylist of Ford? Smith's classic, look from the model, and Detroit car was exhibited in January on small-sized concept car distinguishs exhibiting Ford Verve3 compartment not quite.

The Splash with bell brand-new wood is MPV of a miniature, use 1.2 litres of gasoline engine, most high-power 86 oxen / rice, configuration 5 block a hand to use transmission case. Still have at the same time use provide a source engine of pressure boost of turbine of derv of 1.3 litres of DDiS, most high-power 75 oxen / rice, discharge capacity of every kilometer carbon dioxide is 120 grams. This car is the platform development that comes from swift, because have fokelore,this car will replace current abstruse develop model to produce a sale in China, cause the wide attention of domestic media.

MINI Cooper D (derv model) expression can encircle can nod: 0 to 100 kilometers / the hour needs 9.9 seconds only quickly; The 100 kilometers oily bad news below European Union standard is 3.9 litres. And the use of MINI Cooper D is the biggest output power achieves 80 kilowatt / the engine of 4 crocks of derv of 110 horsepower, carbon dioxide discharge capacity is 104 grams / kilometer

Feng Tian is exhibited in the car on the IQ that roll out has a lot of characteristics on the design, automobile body is less than 3 meters, have 4 places however, still include seat of a baby. Have a diesel engine and model of two gasoline engine, the carbon dioxide of all models discharges an amount under 100 grams / kilometer.
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