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Food of international of the 23rd 2008 Turkey is packed reach food to machine in
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Hold time: On November 5, 2008- 8 days hold a place: Turkey - Istanbul holds place: CNR international exhibits a center

Show content: Package machine, make the bag of machine, material that pack, packer, system that make bottle, potted machinery, plastic machinery, food machine the machinery of equipment of machinery and product and raw material, printing machine tool and raw material, cut, machine that stick label, printing machine instrument to wait

IPACKBrief introduction

IPACKInitiate 1986, annual, by attestation of UFI of international exhibition alliance, be apart from the history that already had 21 years today. Already became the packing major with the most important Turkey to exhibit now, because should postpone meeting put forth effort at packaging industrial product reveal, attracted numerous come from abroad ginseng to exhibit business and the person that look around. Should exhibit 2004 can greet come from global various places in all 395 enterprises, exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 20000 square metre in all, increased than 3 years 13% ; In addition, professional audience amount reached 35000 people, and the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited, was full of a hope to should extending the tomorrow of the meeting. IPACKIt is to float the provision with Arabia the largest area packs trade fair.

Turkey brief introduction

Turkey ground is crossed inferior, Europe two continent, it is join the important channel of two mainlands. Especially it returns guard to wear Turkey of —— of exit of the Black Sea is controlling Bosipulusi channel and channel of Da Dani Er, be equal to the Wukelan with coastal the Black Sea, Romania, Bulgaria, Maerduowa even Russia became actually landlocked nation. It is adjacent with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greek, Bulgaria. Be close to mediterranean and the Black Sea. Current, a few more circumjacent national enterprise very the exhibition that values Istanbul, every year ginseng of a lot of enterprises is exhibited, exhibit the product that recommends oneself through joining, begin commerce and collaboration.
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