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Turkey international packed industrial exhibition 2008
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Extend meeting time: On October 23, 2008- 26 daysExhibit meeting site: Istanbul TUYAP exhibits a center Sponsor cycle: Annual

Limits of item on display:

1 package machine reachs fittings: Vacuum-packed machine, paper box machine, make bag of machine, outfit of fill, grain, powder, fluid, tablet, fill, heal, seal the box, machinery that stick label, suck model machinery, day turns things package machine, equipment of plastic flexible package, package machine of medicines and chemical reagents, plastic and mechanical, all sorts of model cutting tool provide fittings to wait; Equipment of chipboard of beehive of 2 rows of tiles on a roof, paper box is mechanical, carton, punched tape, pulp; The 3 material that pack: Squeeze compound, drawing to blow aluminium of tube of paper of film, epispastic sheet, chipboard, aluminum foil in all treatment of glue of material, gooey belt, hot frit is mechanical, the plastic material that pack, the metal packages data, food packages data, medicines and chemical reagents packages data, green environmental protection packs material to wait; 4 container: Plastic container, metal packaging container, vitreous container, the technology of green environmental protection that pack, pack the science and technology that prevent bogus, design that pack, craft that pack, bag to put on edition media to wait

Enter Osmanli 7 big reason:

1) Turkey is labelled the whole world country of 10 big rising markets, economic actual strength lists the world the 16th.

2) the boundary that is located in Europe and Asia as a result of earth, approach hamster, middle east and North Africa state, offerred the optimal way that leads to world market.

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