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Construction machinery of international of the 9th Russia reached project machin
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In June 2008 the 17 “2008 that hold in Russia to 21 days year construction machinery of international of the 9th Russia and ” of project machine exhibition (SAITEX 2008) . Announce letter of concerned matters concerned as follows now:

Exhibition general situation: According to К of Russia Р Б market research net will report on April 28, came 2000 2006, the total value of construction project market of Russia grew about 3.5 times. 2006, “ built industry ” to finish amount to be the project project of 2.25 trillion ruble about, grew 16% than 2005. Rate of this kind of growth builds unprecedented also is for the industry to Russia. Became nearly 15 years of time to come to Russia construct development field one year the most successful 2006. Department of trade of progress of Russian federal economy is newest predict, amplitude of annual Russia GDP can be amounted to 2006 6.1% , fixed assets investment grows 10.9% . According to the investigation of Federal Construction Agency (Gosstroy) , russia builds the equipment depreciation rate of engineering company to be 47 % , average working hours is close to 17 years, those who be badly in need of having facility is newer with replacement. However the requirement that the product of the project machinery company of Russia mainland cannot satisfy its home market far, because this is foreign look forward to,course of study provided vast market space. With international well-known trademark photograph is compared, the product of company of machinery of our country project answer in the advantage of the respect such as the price more agree with Russia market, should be the optimal opportunity that company of machinery of our country project enters at present. CTT exhibited course of study of the state-owend enterprise in can be to offer the superexcellent opportunity that buys the home, technologist communication with Russia and international major, it is the optimal commerce platform that shows equipment of machinery of building, project, be before entering Russia to reach alone the optimal channel of market of couplet body each country.

As Russia macroeconomic, in last few years because sell oil natural gas, russia economy actual strength restores somewhat, project project is increasing also, mechanical to the project demand growth is very rapid. The person be entered first of the market already began to gain profit. Show according to newest data, the fork-lift truck that exports Russia this year can amount to 200 above. But the manufacturing industry place of Russia homeland still very hard, a lot of factories still shut stop production, equipment is adjacent also discard as useless. Accordingly, short-term inside confrontation the demand of the project machine product of actor price cheap will be very big, this is the optimal opportunity that we enter Russia market. On the international market, our country mechanical industry exported amplitude 2005 first prep above entrance. Annual machinery industry imports amount 118.4 billion dollar, than going up year of growth 4.8% ; Export total 104.4 billion dollar, grow 34.1% ; Adverse balance of trade is closer than dropping 2004 50% . The export of product of instrument of large scale computer such as machine of car, project, agriculture machinery, machine tool increases substantially; Our country machinery realized amount of imports and exports first half of the year 2006 one hundred and thirty-one billion five hundred and nine million dollar, grow 28.41% compared to the same period, export sixty-five billion two hundred and eighty-six million dollar among them, grow 36.15% compared to the same period; Total income predicts mechanical 2006 trade can maintain of 25% add fast, profit amplitude can amount to 4-5% . Below the situation that rises in high speed of current export trade, chinese enterprise should take hot forge iron, market of machine of Russia of race to control assigns the specified number.
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