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Exposition of industry of polish 2008 international
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The “2008 that held in polish Bocina to 12 days on June 9, 2008 year ” of exposition of polish international industry (AUTOTEC 2008) . Announce letter of concerned matters concerned as follows now:

Exhibition general situation: Exposition of industry of international of the “ austral polish wave at present (ITM Poland) ” is by Poland the biggest exhibition company -- Bocina exhibits a company to sponsor, annual, it is Poland and even one of industrial exposition that medium, hamster area has force extremely. Exhibit an area always 2007 to be 30000 much square metre, grew 15 % than previous term or session. ITM Poland 2007 shares many 1300 ginseng that comes from 36 countries and area to exhibit business ginseng, professional audience number amounts to 22000 person-time. What be worth to be carried particularly is to was exhibited 2007 meeting, among them many 800 ginseng that exposition ” attracted “ international industry to come from 24 countries and area in all exhibits business to show equipment of its newest product technology and machinery, among them 47% postpone business for international. Exhibit an area to amount to 18000 smooth rice, relatively increased 15 % 6 years. Exhibit business and audience number to show from what increase by degrees every year, ” of exposition of “ international industry already became each country manufacturer and trafficker to develop the ideal platform of Poland and market of medium, hamster.

Limits of item on display:

1, industrial component and cent contract the technology is exhibited (METALFORUM)
—Subcontract and cent contract: Casting forging, finished product of bearing, fastener, metal, solid shapes, be not cut technology spare parts, spare parts of machine cut metal, car a replacement, subassembly and metallic structure, tool and patternmaking, component of standard component, mould, car, lock reachs fittings, plastic spare parts and balata are machined, production assembles a service.
—Material: Steel, aluminium and other metal, pottery and porcelain, polymer (project material) , composite material what all sorts of differring is industrial material and compound.
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