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The constitution of exhibition and custom are right the superintendency method o
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The shows constitution and exhibit superintendency way that knows concerned exhibition in detail, it is to do the good exhibition, fundamental condition that obtains ideal result. The constitution of an exhibition, all have specific provision to exhibiting the matters concerned of each respect. Be like the prevailing rules of Osaka international exposition the 10th times, included undermentioned 29 respects: 1. Name; 2. Purpose; 3. Manage an unit; 4. Support: 5. Assistance; 6. Sessional; 7. Assembly room; 8. Shower reachs item on display; 9. Saloon ground sort reachs his basic establishment; 10. Show a ground rent charge; 11. Exhibit small application and contract; 12. Of the exhibition is small application and contract cancel with invalidation; 13. Small allocation; 14. Item on display is moved with move; 15. Reveal; 16. Solid act; 17. Place goods on trial sale; 18. The safety of item on display is protected; 19. Exhibit spatial original state to restore; 20. Power supply, phone, water supply and catchment; 21. Enter; 22. The burden of all sorts of funds reachs settle accounts; 22; Exhibit conduct propaganda; 24. Shower directory; 25. The accident prevents with accident responsibility; 26. Illuminate picture with copy; 27. Sessional change and break down; 28. Regular detailed rules; 29. The change of regular program. To make the reader compares real knowledge, choose from which especially pick 8, it is to give those who exhibit middling to want to encounter, introduce after:

One, item on display A: Item on display is shower production or management product.
B: Similar the thing that be as follows prohibits exhibiting.
Weapon, gun, knife, sword kind, ignite, erupt gender or radioactivity risk substance, virulent content, anaesthetic, the thing of droit of industry of possible enroach on is imported or prohibit selling article. Additional, the article that the person that sponsor thinks be a hindrance to is held at exhibition.
C: Safe industries droit
About the invents plan item on display before application industry droit, according to the formalities that decides additionally, get concessionary law the 30th protection that waits 3 times (domestic) .

2, place goods on trial sale is small: A small 9 square metre (3m×3m) , arrangement is odd platoon or double platoon, can be in the commodity of place goods on trial sale is small place goods on trial sale, reach at new product did not introduce article etc. Its detailed rules presses the place goods on trial sale that decides additionally special solution is dealt with.

3, showpiece: Shower uses a distributive is small, can install wait to gain all sorts of the exhibition equipment with necessary place of effect of item on display, adornment, marks. These set inflict to leave bed face tall 2. 70 meters of in the limit of, its detailed rules is decided additionally.

4, actual performance:
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