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2008 exhibition of Russia car component (INTERAUTO)
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Exhibit meeting name: 2008 exhibition of Russia car component (INTERAUTO)

Extend meeting time: Came on August 27, 2008 on August 31

Exhibit meeting site: Russia Moscow Crocus exhibits a center

Exhibition general situation: ” of exhibition of component of car of international of “ Russia Moscow is by Russia the biggest Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre sponsors alone of couplet body area internationally car and fittings exhibition, it is the exclusive exhibition that this area obtains association of international auto industry to support, it is Russia and hamster area history the longest and the automobile industry fair with the largest scale. This is exhibited hold every year, include truckload exhibit and fittings is exhibited, truckload the time that extend will be on August 28 - on September 7. Should exhibit already can become at present hamster, medium inferior the professional car that area and Baltic circumjacent country have force most is exhibited. Should exhibit in Crocus exhibition center is held, exhibition gross area is amounted to 120, 000 square metre. Exhibited 2007 can exhibit an area 80, 0 much square metre, include 6 to exhibit a house, ginseng postpone business many 800, come from the 15 many countries such as Europe of America, middle east, Asia, hamster, Western Europe, north and area respectively, professional audience 560, 000 people.

Limits of item on display: A replacement of things of adornment of of all kinds and truckload, motor vehicle, car and car conserve things, of all kinds car and accessory, car uses form a complete set of product of after service of electric equipment, tire, car, car establishment and repairman are provided etc.

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