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Area is exhibited can highlight platform economy mode
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The last few years, farming endowment of the industry exhibit if the meeting is in like emerge each district in succession emerge in large numbers, but can do prosperously truly and can abiding not be very much however, especially a few exhibit very can much after experiencing fanaticism of the first year meeting regionally to be attributed to calm, among them a main reason postpones the fixed position issue of the meeting namely, exhibit as area meeting, the agriculture that should be an area truly cultivates a service, establish pattern of economy of a platform, is not to seek a number of the level trade the forehead.

Area is exhibited can highlight platform economy mode

Receive when the reporter come from standing grain of piece of beautiful of members of a family farming endowment Chen Fazhong of vice secretary of company Party committee invites attend “ mouth of the 3rd Zhang Jia farming endowment when communication of information of science and technology and commodity reveal the telephone call of Fair ” , feel some are accident, because the reporter did not think of regional farming endowment Fair can insist come down all the time actually, be what force is supporting this Fair after all? Be what is attracting the person that look around to come over every year? The reporter arrived through surveying knowledge therein cause.

On March 28, 2008 one big early, the town of Zhang Jia mouth that has entered spring falls down spit suddenly, can't well the sky hiked up again snowflake, the station is at the door guesthouse, the reporter begins to fear such weather can cause the cold and cheerless that exhibits meeting site. But arrive,exhibit meeting, the reporter is attracted with respect to the crowd place that is changed by poll assemble immediately, accept a lot of farmers that interview to told a reporter to had attended 3 times to be on sale meeting, basically be on sale namely a lot of practical knowledge can be acquired on the meeting, can increase income, case big early, drench the snow that nod rain calculates again what to get?

And regard the Zhang Jia that can serve to be on sale as buccal beautiful standing grain farming endowment company also amid was obtained a lot of, its general manager holds president Gu Biao concurrently to tell a reporter, the expenses with be taken out certain with its is pure advertise, be inferior to support be on sale meeting, because Fair is,sponsor by municipal government, the authority that is in place is unassailable, beautiful standing grain farming endowment the company can be in place when the media such as TV station, broadcasting station, newspaper undertakes information is released, be put forward by the key, advertisement effect is first-rate. Be on sale through support meeting, let a farmer get material benefit, the enterprise serves “ 3 farming the tenet of ” can be reflected come out.

And the in covering a process discovery in the reporter, place of area of Zhang Jia mouth holds exhibiting can not be for pursuit trade the forehead, very much more calendar year can join the person that join, a lot of manufacturer also are to was in place to had opened the market, whole process gives a reporter the biggest feeling is “ government build act in an opera of stage, enterprise, farmer to be benefited ” . Accordingly, greatly, city of Zhang Jia mouth farming endowment Fair had formed mode of economy of a platform, exhibit through can provide a platform, promoted communicate with all possible means between manufacturer, agency and farmer, spend less money, produce very big effect in local agriculture development however.
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