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Wuhan home outfit exhibits concluding intent to clinch a deal the forehead 350 m
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Yesterday, by a definite date exhibition of first home outfit is in this year of 3 days Wuhan international exhibition center rings down the curtain. According to sponsorring square not complete count, 3 days during, view of nearly 40 thousand citizen is exhibited, reach intent to clinch a deal in all amount 350 million yuan. It is reported, this second home outfit exhibits an assemble clique of domestic north and south and company of adornment of brand of native land mainstream and enterprise of building materials of domestic and international well-known trademark, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to amount to 200, have 1000 many exhibit, of nearly 30 thousand square metre exhibit an area, item on display covers furniture, hutch to defend, household is decorated reach more than kinds of nearly 2000 commodity such as adornment things. The brand home that because join the home that exhibit to install a company to all come from and other places of Beijing, Guangzhou,reachs this locality holds a firm, tell sincere letter, heavy service, and rolled out many concrete favourable step, because meeting of these 3 days is exhibited,attracted many citizens to come round to seek advice. Citizen king lady says, this plan goes on the weekend go for a walk in the country in spring, but exhibit to watch, travel planned to cancel, be being decorated after all is an important matter, a brand company searchs to decorate in taking the chance to be being compared more be at ease. Sponsor Fang Shangge exhibition to think, outfit of home of have the aid of exhibits this one platform, the domestic outfit that is helpful for guiding a citizen consumes a concept, enlarge the influence of the regular army thereby, drive whole home to install the development of the market.