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Condition inside and outside exhibited Dalian 30 times 2007 autograph sheet is c
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Roll out the organization this year 47 are exhibited greatly can

Last year, 370 industries of Dalian city are participated in outside attending churchyard, exhibit meeting, especially rising market is exhibited meet 30, accumulative total unfurls countersign sheet nearly 1 billion dollar, obtained the market to develop as double as foreign trade exit bumper harvest, implementation exhibits meeting economy year the beautiful performance that grows about 15% . This year, dalian city still exhibits meeting resource domestic and internationally as a whole further, from " construction of " of base of 4 big industries sets out, regard base of northeast old industry and construction of the estate that face harbor as the characteristic around Dalian, continue to organize outside rolling out churchyard 47 exhibit greatly meeting, "The " that help strength develops even look forward to east the rising market international market such as alliance, hamster, middle east, South America, Africa, the Oceania. This is the information that the reporter obtains from bureau of collaboration of city foreign trade economy yesterday.

"Europe of goods of Chinese brand export exhibits machinery of international of Australia of " , " to make things of gift of spring of Frankfurt of week of " , " and office exhibit " …… last year, enterprise of this locality of Dalian city organization attends exhibit outside the condition meet 18 times, sign cooperative agreement and order total value 3600 more than dollar. Among them, the key outside the condition is exhibited can have 6, cent is in Europe, Asia, the Oceania and South America and other places, not only consolidated traditional market, also developed rising market further. Dalian city ginseng postpones a business 58, exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead is close 19 million dollar, outside occupying annual, exhibit clinch a deal 53% frontal.

Exhibit in 12 home in, " of the 101st spring is wide hand in meeting " and the 102nd " wide deliver meeting " result most apparent. Two aggregate exit that finish 870 million dollar, grow 17.8% than last year. In be next to " wide the our country that makes meeting " face an international market the 2nd exhibit meeting ——— Shanghai greatly " China hands in meeting " to go up, 17 industries of Dalian city are exhibited through 6 days of ginseng, 4 big fields wait in craft of spin of dress dress, family expenses, adornment and daily expense consumable aggregate clinch a deal … of 7.64 million dollar…

This year, dalian city organizes condition inside and outside even 47 exhibit greatly can continue to aid force to develop even look forward to the international market, the personage discloses related bureau of collaboration of city foreign trade economy, for this, dalian city is newest already published " Dalian city to developed an international market to carry out opinion " 2008, continue to be met through be being exhibited outside the condition, roll out merchandise of Dalian city brand, roll out have the merchandise with content of own intellectual property, science and technology and additional high cost, give aid to feebleminded bad news reachs environmental protection kind the enterprise participates in an international market to compete. As we have learned, the our city can organize an enterprise to participate in condition inside and outside to exhibit assemble plan this year 47, those who press area and major is different, guide " of Dalian city industry to walk along " , develop an international market actively. Among them, churchyard is exhibited meet 18, mix the 104th with the 103rd wide hand in the 4th meeting, northeast inferior exposition, the 10th hand in the 5th meeting, China high east 5 international such as alliance exposition are famous exhibit can meet 29 to be exhibited outside key; condition, exhibit with Birmingham of consumable of Chinese famous brand, food of characteristic of international of international dress exposition, Chicago exhibits Las Vegas, exposition of international trade of a replacement of Brazilian international car, equipment and service trade fair, south Africa 5 are exhibited can attach most importance to a dot.
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