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Spring two art exposition realizes 170 million yuan to pay specified amount of f
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Yesterday, handicraft of the 6th whole nation, travel tastes by a definite date, gift exposition and eleventh spring (Dalian) exposition of Chinese antique artwork pulls down heavy curtain. According to statistic, 170 million yuan come true to pay the forehead, intent agreement specified amount in all during exposition, than last year amplitude is close 11% .

According to introducing, in by a definite date " spring of 5 days two art on exposition " , recieve major to buy the home and customer in all 27 thousand more than person-time. Exhibit the ginseng that there is 15% during the meeting to exhibited business to sign foreign trade order, the ginseng of 62% above exhibited business to reach cooperative intent and spot dealing. The fair of arts and crafts of the 6th China that will hold this year in July and classic furniture were booked before some ginseng exhibit business to early childhood, collect taste spring of exposition and next year " two art of exposition " exhibit.

As " spring two art exposition " pulls down heavy curtain, in learning presiding " by Chinese arts and crafts result of contest of appraise through comparison of artwork of art cup " also as announce. Judge a gold prize this in all 17, silver-colored award 25, cupreous award 30. Among them ginseng of guild of arts and crafts exhibits Dalian city the group won 5 gold 7 silver the beautiful accomplishment of 3 copper.