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Mould of international of the 10th Dongguan and metallic treatment exhibit DMP
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DMPMould of international of the 10th Dongguan and metallic treatment are exhibited

Time: 2008.11.11-14

Place: Guangdong contemporary international exhibits a center (Dongguan large market)

Machinery of the largest international exhibits Hua Na 100, 000Make the same score rice5, 000Stall 120, 000Buy the home

Because sign up enterprise eagerly, field suffers be restricted, hold oak of international of the 10th Dongguan in 2008.11.19-22 day especially plastic machinery is exhibited. (first phase)

Market information:

Chinese economy realized GDP smoothly to grow 9.9 % 2005, amount to 22, 25.7 billion dollar, amount of foreign trade imports and exports is amounted to 14, 22.12 billion dollar. 5 years GDP forecasts Chinese future year all grow for 7.5 % .

Guangdong is saved amount of annual imports and exports was four hundred and twenty-seven billion nine hundred and eighty million dollar 2005, grow 19.8 % compared to the same period, hold total of countrywide imports and exports 30.1 % , (first place of house whole nation) . Exit and entrance are respectively 2, 381.6